the gods of Egypt…

Hear with the ears of your spirit!

Now, to resume the regular daily letter. This must be said again! This bears repeating again! Hear with the ears of your spirit! Worship Him! Don’t look to the left or right. Look to Him! Look to the Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God! and Worship Him! The Father sought you out. He separated you and called you out from among them.Why? To hew you. To form you. He is preparing a people. To stand before Him. To worship Him! He has a plan. `Things’ are not out of control in God. He knows exactly what He is doing. He is right on time. He will perform His will. Stay in your chambers (I’m speaking spiritually). Isaiah 26:20 Apply the blood of Jesus to the doorposts. Shut the doors behind you. Don’t come out from the place He has put you, even if there is great suffering there. Worship Him! Right where you are. Right there in the narrow, constrained place. Just like Israel in Egypt. The HOUR OF HIS JUDGEMENT is come. He is arising to judge the gods of Egypt. (the world system) Isaiah 26  Exodus 12:12-13, 21-22