troubled waters…

The Lord has, again, troubled the waters of my spirit since 4:00 AM. Urging me on. Urging me on. I must write my thoughts. seemingly unrelated…..maybe not.

. does this message (at least the framework of it) have to be posted by September 28, 2015? the first day of Tabernacles? the last blood moon?

. the Church Age began on the day of Pentecost. will it not be, or has it not been, concluded on the day of Pentecost?

. will the peace treaty with Israel be signed soon? to start the last 7 years of this age?

. the Church Age began on the day of Pentecost. will this next age, the Kingdom Age, begin on Tabernacles? a 1,000 year day of the indwelling? won’t the nations of the earth be required to come up to Jerusalem every year at Tabernacles to celebrate that indwelling? then at the end of that age, the 8th day? eternity?

. has the falling away fully come? so the man of sin can be revealed? I’ve been watching the Church System falling away for at least 25 years. has it fully come? did the falling away start when the Apostles of GREAT TRUTHS, back in the late 1950’s up untill right now, allow themselves, like Aaron, to succumb to the golden calf? allowing those GREAT TRUTHS to be used as money making schemes? so many allowing themselves to devolve into sexual sin? will Levi, again, REAR UP AND OFF OF this sin of the golden calf? will he again JUDGE this sin of the golden calf? no matter where it is found? even in brother or son? thereby consecrating himself to God’s endtime priesthood?

. the answer to all of the above: yes.


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