…of what substance?

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the living stones

Where do these living stones come from? of what substance are these made of? these that are being BUILT UP into a spiritual house, not made with hands?

Why, Dear One! Out of the hewn Stone Himself! As you looked on, a Stone was hewn out, not by hands, and struck the statue on it’s feet of iron and clay. And the Stone that smote the image became a great mountain (Kingdom) and filled the whole earth Daniel 2:34,35 Tanakh and Amplified (note below)  AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS shall the God of heaven SET UP A KINGDOM which shall NEVER BE DESTROYED.

Just as you saw that the Stone was hewn from the mountain, not by hands, …. the great God has made known…WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE. The dream is certain and the interpretation is certain. Daniel 2:44,45 Tanach and Amplified

note: the amplified bible uses a capital: Stone

note: I’m watching Greece today. I’m watching the so-called peace treaty with Iran. We are at a juncture in history. The blood moons coinciding with the feasts of Israel, the Jubilee, this peace treaty, the economy of the European nations, the economy of our nation, etc. etc., too much to name here today. All of this must be spiritually discerned. I read about the facts of it all, but I don’t read much about what OUR PART is. Actually the only thing that I have read about OUR PART, is that we must RUN and evangelize the world and put a notice in every home in Israel. Please read the book of The Revelation. When all of this kicks in, what is going on in heaven? What is going on in the Spirit realm? Worship. which produces more judgement, which produces more Worship for that righteous judgement. Where does He hide His people? In the SECRET PLACE! Moses wrote the 91st Psalm for THIS day!

note: I’m going to write an interesting footnote from E.W. Bullingers book,’ Number in Scripture  It’s Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance’ written I think in 1897!! : on page 49 he is discussing the greek alphabet.” * This letter s (i don’t have the exact letter of it on the computer, but it looks like an s), called Stigma is used for the number 6. Why this letter and number should be thus associated we cannot tell, except that both are connected with the ancient Egyptian “mysteries.” The three letters SSS (ln Greek a sideways MMM) were the symbol of Isis, which is thus connected with 666.”   wow.

note: Our great God has made known what will happen in the future. Even right now. In the days of these final 10 kings, He is going to SET UP A KINGDOM THAT WILL NEVER BE DESTROYED. Daniels dream is certain and the interpretation is certain. OUR PART is to be where He has told us to be, doing what He has told us to do. Worship.

note: As important as these foundational truths are that I’m writing now, I have to get through them, so we can go on to the heart of this message. Building blocks are necessary for the building, but time’s a wastin’! So I’m going to post twice a day, for maybe a week or so.


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