Have you ever seen or heard of a bride…..? #1

Have you ever seen or heard of a bride that doesn’t want to be with her bridegroom? be in his presence? Even in the busiest of times, isn’t he still her priority? doesn’t she still long to be with him? doesn’t she see to it that she is together with him, when she lays down at night and when she rises up in the morning? Don’t they have regular, consistent, trysting times set up to be together, just the two of them? with no outside interruptions, or interference, or distraction? doesn’t she want to go with him? to follow him whithersoever he goeth? doesn’t she say, like Rebecca: “I will go”? doesn’t she rise up to go away with him? doesn’t she leave her father and her mother, the house she was raised in, her brothers and her sisters….you get the idea….


2 thoughts on “Have you ever seen or heard of a bride…..? #1

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    for this week, I am posting one post in the morning, one post in the evening. these posts are all a part of one word that the Lord has given me concerning worship. each post built on the last post. are you a worshiper? has the Lord of the whole earth called you to Himself? to worship Him? have you wondered what it was all about? why your life has been what it has been? the Lord has answers for you now…


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