…tie up some loose ends…

. today’s post is pivotal to what is coming next. on many different levels.

. I’m sure by now, most everybody is familiar with the blood moons, coinciding with the feasts of Israel, that are taking place right now. The last one being September 28, 2015, the first day of Tabernacles.

. I am aware of the solar eclipses also, but those are not the point of this post.

. the signs in the moon concern Israel.

. I have some information that you might not be as familiar with.

. after every tetrad, there has come a WORLD WIDE REVIVAL!

. 1493-1494:  1492. the Jews expelled from Spain. the Spanish Inquisition. Many believe that Columbus was a Jew, and sailed from Spain to escape the inquisition, and took other Jews with him for refuge, to America. It is my understanding, also, that the seeds of the Reformation were sown in certain nations during this time. Seeds that eventually brought WORLD WIDE REVIVAL! through Martin Luther.

. 1949-1950:  1948. Israel becomes a State. 1948. the “Latter Rain” revival was born in Canada. A WORLD WIDE REVIVAL! I was raised in this revival. It restored prophetic praise and worship to the Church. My earliest memories from about 3 years old, are of glorious, prophetic worship services, that would sometimes last more than 3 hours. It seemed like heaven on earth. When this revival began to wane, I remember hearing my mother and those in the church, commenting about the love of money among the leaders….it seems that what brought this revival to it’s end was the golden calf….

. 1967-1968:  1967. the Six Day War. Jerusalem returns to Jewish control. 1967. the “Charismatic” revival was born. A WORLD WIDE REVIVAL! I believe that every major move of the Spirit of God in the Church since then, except the Messianic Movement, comes under this heading. I raised my natural and spiritual children in this revival. I have witnessed with my own natural and spiritual eyes the love of money….it seems that what has brought this revival to it’s end is the golden calf….

. 2014-2015:  2015. here we are again. will we fail again? will we succumb to the golden calf again? is it any wonder that the God of Heaven and Earth is judging the economic systems in the church and in the nations? will He not raise up a company, a people that will remain faithful this time? will the “covenant with the many” be finalized this year? will we see great happenings in Israel and Jerusalem? will there be a last, great WORLD WIDE REVIVAL! in the midst?

. we can only wait.

. we can only worship.


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