From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the last day Israel of God

. I slept only 2 hours. This seems to be a marathon.

. I find myself torn between the methodical chapter and verse teaching of the scribe, and one chafed and driven by the hairy garment, crying out in the wilderness.

. I must cry out today. I am in great fear and trembling as I write. I am speaking of the fear of God.

. This is the picture in the realm of the Spirit today: A many membered woman crying out, travailing in birth, in great pain to be delivered. A many membered son that must be birthed. The dragon himself, stationed at the birthing place to devour…..but he cannot. he cannot. he cannot. GOD SAID that he cannot.

. the birth is imminent. the endtime Israel of God. birthing the many membered company of the sons of God. the ones that the very creation has been groaning in travail with her for.

. the mature sons of God. firstfruits. numbered. sealed. caught up in the Spirit to the throne of God. they will follow HIM whithersoever HE goeth. singing a new song all the while. a song that no one else can sing.

. THIS is the RESULT of the true ekklesia’s relationship with HIM.

. THIS is the RESULT of her LOVE for HIM. HIS LOVE for her.

. BIRTH! the many membered, last day Israel, giving BIRTH to HIS sons.

. THIS is the RESULT of true WORSHIP.

. not riches. not fame. not mega church system churches. not looking good, feeling good, sounding good, not having her own way, but TRAVAIL OF SOUL!! CRYING OUT TO BE DELIVERED!!! BIRTH!!!!


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