Repentance! and an open door into heaven….october 19,2015

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will follow on….

. when we start this occupation, this lifestyle, of PROPHETIC WORSHIP, we start by repentance. a lifestyle of repentance. by the blood of Jesus. by faith. that doesn’t mean that these besetting sins leave immediately. they have been there a long time. we are forgiven, by the blood, by faith, when we ask, when we repent. when we change our mind about sin, and go the other way. God’s way. then we have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. we have to RECKON ourselves dead to sin, but alive unto God. we DECIDE that we will not allow sin to REIGN in our mortal body. we DECIDE that we will not obey sin. we DECIDE that we will not YIELD our members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin. but we YIELD ourselves unto God…..for sin SHALL NOT have DOMINION over us. please read Romans 6:11-23.

. this is a generation that has not heard a lot of preaching and teaching about the wages of sin. this generation has not had a lot of instruction about repentance. about the fear of God. about the fear of God being the beginning of wisdom. this is why there isn’t an abundance of true wisdom. this is why the Spirit of God is not manifested strongly among us. He is gentle, like a dove. He is easily driven away. He doesn’t stay where there is unholiness. where men and women refuse to repent. this generation has been taught how to get things FROM God. not about how to give TO God. how to minister TO God. a generation that is used to hearing only what God is going to do FOR them, how He is going to use them and bless them, and promote them and increase them, no matter the sin, no matter the uncircumcised flesh, no matter the unholiness and unrighteousness. no matter the heart condition. a generation that has been lied to. a generation that has not heard the anguished cry: except ye REPENT, ye shall all likewise perish! REPENT! for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!


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