warning! an open door into heaven…October 21,2015

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will see into that open door

. I am so troubled in my spirit this morning, I almost passed out at what I saw, as I was worshipping. I am going to write what I saw, then I am going to seek the Lord again, to make SURE that it is time to post it.

. I have known this for many years, but I have been without the open door to speak it thru. God has opened that effectual door for me now. there are many adversaries. even though many will reject what I will say, I will say it now, today, if He allows me to.

. I tremble as I write.

. there is coming, right now, it is even at the door. a great world wide revival into Constantine’s FORM. the counterfeit is always presented first. it sounds right. it looks right. it seems right to the onlooker. it smells right to those accustomed to flesh. it feels right to those accustomed to watching and hearing and agreeing with and fellowshipping with flesh. it will be accepted by those that are walking in the flesh, fulfilling the lusts of the flesh and not walking in the Spirit. it will be accepted by those that have not come out from among them. it will be accepted by those that are touching, even today, the unclean thing. Constantine’s FORM.  it will be received by those that have not looked thru the open door into heaven.

. there will be signs following. many shall come in His name, many false prophets shall arise. many will say that they are annointed, and shall deceive many. take heed that no man deceive you. because iniquity (lawlessness) abounds, because the MYSTERY of iniquity (lawlessness) is already at work, because men and women will not walk in the law of God, but insist on walking in Constantine’s FORM, the love of many has grown cold.

. Constantine’s FORM cannot and will not receive true revival any longer. the Spirit of God will not revive Constantine’s FORM. when we look into the open door into heaven, we do not see Constantine’s FORM in heaven. Constantine’s FORM is MYSTERY, Babylon The Great, the MOTHER of harlots. (every denominational and nondenominational church was born out of her and has taken her FORM.)

. the true gospel that will be preached now is the gospel of the kingdom. the gospel of HIS absolute rule. the gospel of the kingdom being restored to Israel. and all that Israel means. the pattern of the TRUE TEMPLE IN HEAVEN. the pattern of the TRUE FORM OF WORSHIP FROM HEAVEN, that God gave to Moses on the mount. the gospel of HIS kingdom coming, HIS will being done on the earth, JUST LIKE IT IS IN HEAVEN! JUST LIKE IT IS IN HEAVEN! JUST LIKE IT IS IN HEAVEN. that is why we have been given an open door to see WHAT IT IS IN HEAVEN! this true gospel will be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations.

. then will the end come. when the falling away has fully come. when at last the Holy Ghost has removed the last true believer from Constantine’s FORM. then will you see the abomination of desolation, spoken by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place. stopping the true pattern, the true FORM of worship, given by God to Moses on the mount. antichrist. wanting the worship for himself. calling himself God. (whoso readeth, let him understand.)


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