extra notes from yesterday’s post …birthpangs…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that read yesterday’s post.

. on a lighter note:

. there is absolutely nothing funny about this, but i am absolutely exhausted and a bit giddy with relief today, from these last months.

. in natural birth, as well as spiritual birth, it makes the birthpang harder and longer, to thrash about with the pain. (like I do).

. i know that it is easier said than done. naturally or spiritually.

. even after all of these years for me, i’m embarrassed to admit, when a birthpang comes in the Spirit, (and they have come almost constantly for the last two years. more about that later), I DON”T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!  i just recognize that sickening old pain starting up, gearing up, in my soul. here we go. at least i’ve gotten to the point, rather than thrashing about immediately, i can pause and say to the Lord: “is this a birthpang?” duh.

. i just imagine the Lord saying: What’s up with that??? What are you thinking???

. it has gotten so frequent here at my house, i’m trying to keep my senses about me and calmly tell myself: this is a birthpang. don’t fight it.

. then i go thrashing about with the pain.

. it helps, though, to know for sure what it is.

. i’m going to write a few short notes about all of this, this week, before we continue on with Why. When. Where.


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