Hanukkah. and prophetic intercession


From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors

. in the last post, I made mention that the God of Israel, works within His own calendar. His own feast cycle. the feasts of the God of Israel, are all prophetic. the feast of Hanukkah, even though it is not a Levitical feast is still prophetic. the feast cycle of the God of Israel is finished for the year, after the 8th day of Hanukkah. we then continue on through the dark days of winter, when there are no feasts, until Purim. (the story of Esther). we also read in John 10:22, the Lord Jesus walked in the temple, in the porch of Solomon, at the feast of dedication (Hanukkah). it was winter. (more about that later.)

. in the posts before that, we were talking about the birthing intercession that has been going on in and by the Spirit of God recently.

. it has been true for me, that, birth in and by the Spirit of God, usually takes place during the fall feasts. (i’m not saying, at this point, that this is a hard and fast rule).

. anything that is conceived (naturally or spiritually), on Hanukkah, is usually birthed during the fall feasts. in the Spirit, it isn’t necessarily the same year. sometimes a spiritual birth can take years to pray through. I am prone to think, sometimes it can take even a lifetime. only eternity will tell what Rees Howell’s intercession prayed through over the course of his lifetime. I believe, as I read the account of his life, that he played a huge part in the birth of the nation of Israel. the blossoming of the fig tree, which has a great deal to do with the timing of the Lord’s return.

. we all know by now, that the Lord Jesus was not born on December 25th. first of all, that is a date from the Gregorian (catholic) calendar. it is the winter solstice. a pagan feast. a feast of Constantine’s form. 2nd of all, we all know by now, that He was born during the fall feasts. therefore He was conceived on Hanukkah.

. on the 7th day of Hanukkah this year, I went to lay down, in the afternoon, quite exhausted I might add, from all of the movement in the Spirit this year.

. suddenly, two sections of scripture came through and dropped right down into my spirit.

. these two sections of scripture were: the book of Esther. and the 3rd chapter of Zechariah. familiar, but new and fresh. exciting. even easy.

. when I got up, I went to look into the book of Esther. the Lord had given me a wonderful revelation of this book last March, on Purim.

. I found, quite by accident, that, according to Hebrew history, the king had made Esther, queen!, on the 1st day of Tebeth. that day is the 7th day of Hanukkah!

. after looking into all of this, I realized that the common denominator between both sections of scripture is this: the dual office of King/Priest and the changing of raiment.

. I believe that the King/Priest company will begin to be raised up this coming year. starting with, and continuing with their purifying, and the removal of filthy garments from them.

. there will be a change of raiment this coming year. as the filthy garment is removed, Satan, that has stood at the right hand, to resist, will be rebuked also. there will then come access to heavenly places and access to those who walk there.

. as the purifying is completed, royal robes, kingly (queenly) robes will be given to this royal, kingly, ruling priesthood. to come before the king, to fall down before Him. to worship Him.

. I believe that the birthing for this year is accomplished. I believe that the conception of what will come to maturity next year at the fall feasts is accomplished.

. I believe that the Lord Jesus will do just what He said He would do. starting with Purim. this coming year.

. there is much to learn. there is much to do. there is much to be. for those that have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.


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