Hanukkah…and it was winter.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will ‘winter’ with the Lord Jesus

. continuing on from the post from September 16, 2015: …AS THE SOUND OF MANY WATERS.

. John 10:22,23. and it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication (Hanukkah), and it was winter. and Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

. winter. NT #5490-94. a lip, as a pouring place. water. lip. shore. to storm. to labor under a gale. be tossed with a tempest. a storm runlet. a winter torrent. brook. to pour. a channel. a storm as pouring rain. the rainy season. winter. tempest. winter. to flow. run. as water. flow. 4482. to flow. run; as water. 4483. (from 4482). ident. with 4482. alt. for 2036. through the idea of pouring forth. to utter. to speak or say. command. make say. speak of. 2036. from 2046, 4483, and 5346. 5457-5462. 5316-20. to speak or say (by word or writing). answer. bid. bring word. call. command. grant. say on. speak. tell. to utter. speak or say. call. say. speak of. tell. to “lay forth”. relate in words (usually of systematic or set discourse) to show or make known one’s thoughts. to speak or say. affirm. say. to lighten. (shine) to show. appear. be seen. shine x think. shining. publicly. extern. plainly. publicly. evidently. openly. to shine or make manifest. espec. by rays. luminousness. fire. light. an illuminator. luminary. brilliancy. light. light-bearing. the morning star. day star. lustrous. transparency. well-illumined. bright. illumination. enlighten. make to see.

. whew!!! I know that was overkill. I’m making a point.

. the amplified says in John 10:22,23 that it was after Hanukkah. that is the time that we are in now.

. this is what I believe the Lord Jesus is saying today, this winter, at this certain time, to us:

. there is coming from the mountain of God, from the altar of God, from Ariel, from the mouth of God, from the VOICE of God (His VOICE is as the sound of many waters), a winter torrent. a mighty river. there is coming a tempest and a gale and a mighty wind. a rainy season like we have not seen before. a flood, if you will, of HIS WORD!!! HIS LIGHT!!! HIS FIRE!!! He will pour out His doctrine like rain!!! He is going to utter His VOICE. HIS brilliancy. He is going to illuminate His Word to us. He will shine His Light, like the morning star, like the daystar, and make manifest His Word and His will to us. He is going to water, and fill up, every dry, brittle, cracked, worn, weary place in us. every thirsty place will be watered. every parched place will be filled up. every longing place will be satisfied. every questioning place answered.

. He will come to us as the rain. as the former and latter rain. He will come to us. He will teach us. He will pour out His mercy on us. He will manifest His Love for us.

. and we will kneel. and we will bow. and we will worship.

. I believe Him. I wait for Him. I expect Him. I long for Him. I need Him.  don’t you?

. …and it was after the feast of dedication, and it was winter…and Jesus walked…


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