an addendum…a prophetic principle

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that read today’s earlier post,

. an addendum to today’s earlier post.

. Jeremiah 1:10. before the Lord builds and plants, He first must root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down. it is a prophetic principle. the Lord God does not build on another’s foundation.

. when He does all of that, it is very painful. sometimes, most of the time, lifelong beliefs and traditions, that lives and families have been built on for generations, have to go. but only then can He build and plant. then and only then.

. the Lord is building His Kingdom. with us. everything that is in us that is not of Him, has got to go. then He will build again the foundations. then He will raise up the breaches thereof. then He will raise up many generations, and then He will heal us. then He will repair the breach. then He will restore the paths for us to dwell in. then and only then.  Isaiah 58:12.

. in the last post, I wrote about Constantine’s form. this form is written down, pretty much, but not all, in the Nicene Creed. in the years 325 and 787. every denomination accepts it, either in whole or in part. it has to do with the definition of the Godhead. changing the whole mode of water baptism, taking the emphasis off of salvation ONLY found in the Lord Jesus and in His Name. the changing of God’s worship days and set times. the exchanging of God’s feasts. the exchanging of God’s feast days, for catholic feasts. for catholic feast days. the veneration and bowing down to graven images.

. the Lord God is building His Kingdom. He wants to build it with us. everything that is not of Him, has got to go.


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