‘new ground’…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are clearing off and ready to walk on, ‘new ground’…

. I am impressed this morning, to write and post, a dream that my mother had, somewhere around 1950.

. I am also sorry, and broken-hearted to say this, but it must be said. again and again. in every way possible. until the people of God hear, and understand.

. in the dream, she saw herself and a small group of people, working and “clearing off new ground”.

. she looked over to one side from where they were working, and she saw a large dung heap. over and above the dung heap, she saw a large sign that read in large letters: PENTECOSTAL CHURCH.

. as they continued working and “clearing off new ground”, she looked again. over to the other side of where they were working, she saw a new building. it was small. I think she said that it was white. she went over to the new, little building and opened the door. inside of that new building, there were “tongues of fire, leaping up out of the floor”.

. she knew, even that long ago, that there was going to be a ‘new’ Holy Ghost move of God. out of, and beyond, the day of Pentecost. out of, and beyond, the 1902, pentecostal move of God that started in Wales, Canada, then came to Azusa street in California, and then spread across the earth. all through the years, she would try to tell one pentecostal pastor, one pentecostal friend, one pentecostal church member, after another, in the pentecostal churches that we attended, but they couldn’t hear. she died without seeing it with her natural eyes. but she died seeing the promise.

. The Spirit of God has moved beyond Pentecost. we, as God’s people have gone beyond Pentecost. the ekklesia of God has gone beyond what we see now, that was Pentecost. what we see now, I am sorry to say, but I must say, has turned to flesh. it looks good and I suppose it sounds good, but it is flesh. men’s flesh. women’s flesh. golden calf worshipping, money making flesh. sexual sin flesh. the way’s of the world flesh.

. The Lord God of heaven and earth will now take His people on forward. out of, and beyond, the church system. out of, and beyond, the church age.

. a ‘new’ day is dawning! God is doing a ‘new’ thing! (which is really the original thing, that He said from the beginning) the cloud is moving! will you agree with Him? will you move with the cloud? will you pick up your stakes, where you have been for so long, and move with the cloud? by faith?  even though you can’t see where you’re going? will you move with the cloud? by faith?

. the church age was given 2,ooo years. two days. the 5th and 6th days.

. time is up. God will do a new thing.



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