A Life Lived For God…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: dear friends…

Oh what a wonder it must have been….how the angels must have shouted for Joy and clapped their hands, when Barney came in….how the Lord Jesus Himself must have cried out: Well done! My good and My faithful servant! enter thou in! to the Joy of your Lord.

Barney lived his life from a certain Place-a familiar Place-a well known Place.

he would go there often….all through the years….in prayer, in praise, to behold his Master’s Face.

The Place was Home Base. The Presence Of God.

That morning, Barney went back to that Place. that same Place. that familiar Place. that well known Place.

but this time. to go no more out.

Home. The Presence of God. ’round the throne. forever.

Barney Padgett.

A Life Lived For God.



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