God’s prophetic plan…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those who will receive God’s prophetic plan…

. the feast cycle of the God of Israel, the yearly round of the feasts of the God of Israel, show His prophetic plan. through time and eternity. from Passover through the eighth day of Tabernacles.

. our 21st century mindset is no longer familiar with the concept of feasts. even though most of humanity keeps the catholic feasts mindlessly, not knowing what they represent. the concept of a yearly round of feasts is actually a concept of worship. the gathering together of families and friends, those that their God or their god has brought together, at the table, at the feast, to worship their God or their god. to rehearse and retell to the next generation, the doings and the actions and the purposes of their God or their god. to tell and retell to the next generation, what their God or their god has said, and done, and will do. to eat and drink together in fellowship and communion and comraderie, and to celebrate and extol their God or their god. to dance and sing together, in celebration of their God or their god. that is what a feast is for.

. the feast cycle of the God of Israel is a cycle of prophetic worship. it always has been. it always will be. from the time Moses gathered them into the house, with the blood over the doorpost, praising and worshiping Him for what He was doing and what He would do, all the way down through the ages, to when we gather together from the east and the west and sit down at the table in the kingdom, and eat and drink, with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob. praising and worshiping Him for what He has done.

. what a wonder! I cannot wait! I want to sing and dance and rehearse and celebrate, and eat and drink together, with my family and my friends from now through eternity!!!  I want to celebrate His goodness and His mercy! His Love and His kindness! everything that He has done! everything that He will do! from now through eternity!!! from now through the endless ages of eternity! His saving blood on Calvary! shed and poured out freely! just for me! the stripes that He took on His back! just for me! the crown of thorns that was shoved into His head! just for me! the travail of His soul, even unto death, His suffering, His bruising, His grief, His sorrow. all of my sin and iniquity was laid on Him. He was despised and rejected, wounded and afflicted, hated, and oppressed. and He opened not His mouth. He opened not His mouth. the wound in His side, where blood and water ran out…just for me…

. I will sit down at table and eat and drink. I will sing and dance and celebrate. I Love Him!!! He is my God!!! I am His child!!! I belong to Him!!! He belongs to me!!! I will rehearse and tell of His life, His death, His burial, His resurrection, His overcoming, His soon coming, His mighty exploits, His gospel. everything that He has done and everything that He will do. I will gather together with my family. with my friends that would want to come. in this life and for the rest of my life and in the next life. through the eternity of eternities. to worship Him. forever. at the feast…


4 thoughts on “God’s prophetic plan…

  1. These feasts are reality, once the meaning of them enters our consciousness, and we dwell in the presence of Heaven. The Spirit is the interpreter of the outside play in these feasts, unlike the catholic feasts of which there is only outside play.


      • I am familiar with the feasts on some level… I only wish I were more so. I’ve noticed major world events happen in coordination with them. There are major clues to be gleaned from a deeper understanding, I am sure.


  2. you will have to forgive me, but I seldom if ever, have the chance to converse with someone that is interested in the feasts. I am quite isolated. in every way. back in December 2015, on the 28th, 29th, I wrote about three posts on Hanukkah. I was beginning to see then, as I am now, that there is a connection between Hanukkah and Purim, I was never aware of that before. God moves on His own calendar. major world events happen on His calendar. I continue to be amazed, as I find out more about this.


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