Purim. Prophetic fulfillment.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those interested in the prophetic fulfillment of Purim (so far), a bit of history.

. I am quoting from Valerie Moody’s book: The Feasts of Adonai. Why Christians Should Look At The Biblical Feasts.

. “The chilling story begins with Esther 9:13….Esther…asked the king to allow the Jews of Susa to “do TOMORROW as they did today, and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged on the gallows.” Esther was not asking Xerxes to hang the dead sons. Her request was a prophetic one that was fulfilled 2,300 years later, in 1946.

. In Hebrew, Esther’s word (tomorrow) was MACHAR, a plural word meaning more than one tomorrow. It refers both to the next day and the distant future. Esther asked for Haman’s sons to hang tomorrow AND in the future. She also used a word for king that refers to God. Essentially, she was asking God to hang Haman’s ten sons in the future.

. …The Jewish year 5707 began in the fall of 1946. Incredibly, God judged war crimes against the Jewish people in 1946 to fulfill Esther’s request! Following World War 2, a military court tried German Natzi officers for war crimes committed against the Jews. The entire world waited for the outcome of the famed Nuremburg War Trials. Eleven Natzi officers were found guilty at the trials and sentenced to death by HANGING. After the verdict was announced, one officer committed suicide in his cell before he could be executed.

. Military executioners hung the remaining ten officers on October 16, 1946. The last officer to hang, Julius Streicher, glared at the witnesses and shouted “Purim Fest 1946!” Moments later, he was dead. Amazingly enough, Streicher had made a connection between the hangings and the story of Esther! His last words announced his discovery. A 2oth century military court had fulfilled Esther 9:13 and the queen’s request to hang Haman’s ten sons in the future.

. …In 1953, Joseph Stalin of Russia developed plans to murder tens of thousands of Russian Jews. He died suddenly during the week of Purim before he could carry out his plans!

. Purim was the last day of the Gulf war in 1991 when 29 scud missiles hit Israel without a single fatality!

. In 2003, Purim was the first day of America’s attack on Iraq, the ancient Babylon.

. According to rabbinical tradition, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob on this day of the year (Genesis 25:32). This is the day when Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers (Genesis 45:1), Moses’ sister Miriam died (Numbers 20:1), and Sisera met his demise in Jael’s tent (Judges 4:18).”

. that is Valerie Moody’s account of the prophetic fulfillment of Purim.

. ‘Esther Accusing Haman’ is a 19th century engraving by French illustrator Gustave Dore’ (1832-1899). It depicts the beginning of God’s rescue of the Jewish people in ancient Persia.

. Purim was a popular subject for the Dutch artist Rembrandt. He painted ‘Haman Sets Forth to Honor Mordecai’ in 1665.

. The Dutch artist Rembrandt painted ‘Haman and Ahasueras at the Banquet with Esther’ in 1660.

. “We learn humility from Esther who gave up her true identity and name to please the king. Her real name of Hadassah became Esther, a name derived from Ishtar, a Babylonian fertility goddess (Jeremiah 7:18). She died to herself and became what the king wanted her to be. Soaked in his oil and perfumes, she approached him on his terms rather than her own. When she did, she won his heart and God used her to rescue the Jews. Worshipers should approach the King of Kings in the same way. Soaked in the oil of the Ruach HaKodesh or the Holy Spirit, we enter His gates on His terms (Psalm 100:4). Then, God uses us!” ~Valerie Moody

. “Purim recognizes that God delivers His people. For those who want to identify with the Jews in ancient Persia who had only God to turn to, the Fast of Esther recalls their desperation. This is not a fast of mourning, but a focus on God who gives the victory and achieves the impossible. Avoid food and drink from dawn until nightfall on Adar 13. At sundown as the fast ends, Purim begins.” ~Valerie Moody

. there you have it. by no means complete, but I don’t think that we could fathom all of the revelation that God has for us in His Feast days, in this life. I believe that He will teach us His Wonders and His Secrets through eternity. Purim. 2016. the prophetic fulfillment of this feast is not over yet. God still delivers His people. down through the ages, He has done so many times on His feast days!

. Blessings to you on this wonderful day. ~Sophereth


3 thoughts on “Purim. Prophetic fulfillment.

  1. I do think Purim is a very real and significant date this year as Yahweh turns the tables on His enemies and moves for His people. I am watching to see how this plays out in both spiritual and physical Israel.


    • I misspoke yesterday, and it has bothered me ever since I clicked the send. your last two posts called me on it. I need to correct it. I feel like I was untrue to the Lord and what He has done, and will do, untrue to myself and untrue to you. I still hold back, from saying all that I know to be true. I am new to the internet. I have just begun, the last few months, to ‘look around’ at what is out there in ‘prophetic circles’. some are people that I knew and loved years ago, before the Lord took me out of the ‘church’ and called me to the backside of the mountain. when I said that I have read from several prophetic sources, I neglected to say that I can recognize a true prophetic voice when I hear it. what I hear in these prophetic voices, is a very faint thread of truth that is still there, i.e. the truth of 2016. everything else prostituted by current church doctrines, and the love of everything else above God. My heart is broken within me because of the prophets…


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