Proclaiming the Holy Convocations. Tzav

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that Love His Holy Convocations.

. I believe that my instruction for this blog includes: proclaiming the holy convocations in their seasons. Leviticus 23:1,2. so….

. I proclaim to you, my dear readers, the holy convocation of Sabbath! the wonderful, holy, Lovely, intermission, after the 6 day workweek, the Sabbath of God. the prophetic picture, the prophetic type of the 7th day Kingdom Age. when the devil will be bound. when all the dry bones, the two sticks, the two houses of Israel will have come together again, to have hope again, as one new man, by the hand of Ezekiel’s prophetic Word. when we will have Peace. when we will Rest.

. six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sabbath of rest, an holy convocation; ye shall do no work therein: it is the sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings.

. the sabbath, and the preparation for it, is such an utter delight to me, I don’t know if I can put into words what I am experiencing today.

. I was raised pentecostal. whew! it was rough. I appreciate all of the truth that was in it back then. I appreciate all that the Lord said, and did, and showed Himself to be, back then. I don’t regret one minute of it. I am an intercessor and a worship leader, and I carried the burden and the praise of it back then, since I was about three years old, even until now. It was a heavy load for a little tiny girl in a little tiny body, back then. It is a heavy load even now.

. I worked so hard all of my life to be faithful to this. while raising five children. going through so many things that I didn’t understand at the time. In our congregation, that we started in 1983, so much work that I Loved so much!  Sunday morning prayer. Sunday morning worship. Sunday morning teaching. Monday night teaching on prayer. Monday night prayer. hard prayer. for people, for cities, for nations. Wednesday night worship. Wednesday night teaching. so much work that I Loved so much! we were a big family. we traveled in a herd! we were always together! they were all my children! they were always at my house! we loved each other so much….. other pastors would say: how did you do this? I would say: I don’t know!

. I know now. we spent long hours together. we Loved being with each other. we ate together. we sat at table together. we sang together. we worshiped together. we prayed together. for hours at a time. we never tired of one another. we had a healthy congregation. we were a family. the family of God. people of all ages. old people. middle age people. young people. children of every age. from teenagers all the way down to the babies. lots of babies. on Sunday afternoon, those that were going to eat together after the service at a restaurant would sometimes be 70 people! at one restaurant! in one room! tables all put together! the restaurant people were horrified at the logistics of it all! then we talked for hours in the parking lot. then everybody would jump in their cars and head to my house, where we ate together again and talked, and the children played until late. continually. every week without fail. so much work that I Loved so much!…with and for the people that I Love so much.

. but I was tired. dangerously tired. inside and outside. body, soul and spirit. there were many things that were mine yet to go through. I NEVER rested. I NEVER knew how to rest. I NEVER knew what rest was. I NEVER knew that God wanted me to rest.

. then my daughter found out about the feasts of Adonai. about the sabbaths. as a congregation, we began to study and look into these things and question the Lord about it.

. to make a very long story short, I was home! literally! I realized that I was not only allowed to rest, but the Lord wanted me to rest! what a concept!!! I had never heard anything like this!!!

. I’ll end there for today, except to say this: It hasn’t been easy. It has never been easy for me. I’ve been through unimaginably rough times. so have all of those that I Love so much. such loss. suffering the loss of each other, suffering the loss of what we had, not knowing why it could possibly be necessary… such sorrow… such pain… but….

. today, I’m making minestrone. I LOVE to make minestrone! I will put such exciting things in it! like the rind of a parmesan that I’ve kept just for today. some cloves, a whole jalapeno, lots of spices. I will make it with all of my heart, and enjoy doing so. My daughter-in-law will make the Challah this week. I will make it next week. one of my favorite things to do in all the world, making Challah… I will go to my youngest son’s house a little before sundown. my youngest son, that Loves the Sabbath. there is no congregation here. there is only us to keep the holy convocation. (I will gather those that grieve and yearn and are sorrowful for the appointed feasts, they came from you, O Zion; The reproach of exile is a burden on them. Zephaniah 3:18.) I will sit down at his table with him and his wife and his children. My beautiful daughter-in-law will light the sabbath lights. My son will read the scriptures for this sabbath. we will discuss them. the sabbath of Tzav. He will play the guitar and we will sing the beautiful songs of the kingdom. We will enjoy, my son and I, singing the different harmonies together. we will laugh and we will sing. My son and his two year old son will sing the blessings over the bread and the wine together. you’ve not lived until you hear a two year old sing the blessings over the bread and wine, just like his dad, with all of his heart, in Hebrew! communion. fellowship. the gathering together of the two and three. with Messiah Himself in the midst. dancing and singing in the midst of us. in the midst of us individually as His temple, and in the midst of us corporately as His temple. we will enjoy the sweet antics of my grandchildren, and marvel at how beautiful they are, and how much we absolutely adore them. we will eat and drink together. we will praise together. we will obey God together. we will keep the holy convocation together. we will gather together at table. together. at the feast. we will keep the Sabbath. continually. perpetually. every week. without fail. and we will keep it holy. we will remember all of His benefits. we will rest.

. amidst the sorrow and the things that we don’t understand yet. we will keep the sabbath. and we will rest.

. just an outdated, old testament, dead, religous law? just something that an old testament, dead, religous God is demanding us to do? something that we have to do that we don’t want to do? I don’t think so! It’s something that we get to do! such delight! such joy! such celebration! It’s Yeshua ha Meschiach! our Saviour! the Word Himself! that we get to celebrate and celebrate with tonight! It’s our living, ever present, holy, joyful, beautiful, lovely Saviour.

. It’s Jesus.



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