Prophetic activity: Elijah stretched himself…Paul fell on him, embracing him…let them measure the pattern…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will hear prophetically…

. 1Kings 17:17-24. please read all of this, to get the context. …the son of the woman fell sick…sickness so sore…no breath left in him…Elijah carried him up into a LOFT, where he ABODE, and laid him upon his OWN BED. and he cried unto the Lord… verse 21: and he STRETCHED himself upon the child three times, and cried unto the Lord, and said, O Lord my God, I pray thee, let this child’s soul come into him again. and the Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into him again, and he revived…

. Acts 20:8-13. please read all of this, to get the context. …there were many lights in the UPPER CHAMBER, where they were gathered together…there sat in the window a certain young man…fallen into a deep sleep…fell down from the third LOFT, and was taken up dead. …Paul went down, and FELL on him, and EMBRACING him said, Trouble not yourselves; for his life is in him…and they brought the young man alive…

. Acts 9:36-41. please read all of this, to get the context. …at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, …Dorcas: it came to pass that she was sick, and died…they laid her in an UPPER CHAMBER. …Peter was there…they brought him into the UPPER CHAMBER…widows were weeping…Peter put them all out…KNEELED down…TURNING himself to the body said, Tabitha, arise. …she opened her eyes…she sat up…he presented her alive…

. Ezekiel 43:10. please read all of this chapter, to get the context.   Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, …and let them MEASURE the PATTERN…

. the words STRETCHED, and MEASURE are the same word! #4058 OT.

. the words FELL ON, EMBRACING, KNEELED, TURNING TO, are all activities that are very much alike, it you follow these words all the way through in the Strongs.NT.

. the prophetic word, the prophetic anointing, lives and abides, and is spoken and written from, an upper room. the prophetic place where the prophetic feasts are kept. the prophetic place where the Holy Ghost comes. where much prophetic prayer abides. a place of much waiting and tarrying. of seeking only Him. a higher place in the Spirit. a loft, where the light is. a sparse place. a hard place. a bed. a table. a stool. a candlestick, so to speak. the spoken prophetic word and even so the written prophetic word, spoken in our hearing, written in our sight, IS GOING TO COME! NOW! TO BRING LIFE OUT OF DEATH! the prophetic is going to come to every dead place in ALL of Israel. and so ALL Israel shall be saved. Romans 11:25,26. every dead place in every one of the 12 tribes, every tribe, Judah and Ephraim. the redeemed Jew. the redeemed gentile, that will come out from among the gentiles. the whole ekklesia! ALL of Israel! every dry bone. every dry stick. prophetic teaching (His voice as the sound of many waters), prophetic hearing, prophetic seeing, will NOW bring LIFE to the house. the glory of the Lord is coming to the house. the glory of the Lord will fill the house. no more defilement. no more whoredom. no more dead carcases of their kings in the house. the prophetic showing of the house to the house. written in their sight. the prophetic showing of the form of the house to the house. written in their sight. the prophetic declaration: This is the law of the house!!! This house is holy!!! the prophetic word stretching itself and measuring the pattern, the sum, the number, of the house. to restore NEW LIFE to the very temple of God, that we are. corporately and individually. a prophetic people. a prophetic priesthood. SONS! SONS! disciples, that were born of the prophetic word! SONS! disciples, that have been sick, even unto death! no hearing! no seeing! SONS! disciples, that will now be shut up with the prophetic in the upper room. mouth to mouth. eye to eye. hand to hand contact with the prophetic. stretching and measuring the pattern, the sum, the number of them. prophetic hearing. prophetic seeing. LIFE. restored to the house. can these bones LIVE??? Yes!!! they will LIVE! by the prophetic word!!! written and spoken!!! they will LIVE!!! they will hear! they will see! so I prophesied as I was commanded! a noise. a shaking. bones coming together bone to bone. sinew and flesh. skin covering. prophesy to the wind! Thus saith the Lord God! Come from the four winds, O breath! LIVE! stand up on your feet! an exceeding great army! an exceeding great house! Thus saith the Lord God! I will open your graves, LIVE! O my people! one stick, Judah. one stick, Ephraim. joined together in the hand of the prophetic word. joined together into one house. a kingdom of priests. one nation. one body. one new man, one ekklesia. Israel. with one HEAD! Yeshua ha meshiach! the Lord Jesus!

. Elijah stretched himself upon the child…and cried unto the Lord…the Lord heard the voice of Elijah…and the child revived…and they brought the young man alive…she opened her eyes, she sat up, he presented her alive…



10 thoughts on “Prophetic activity: Elijah stretched himself…Paul fell on him, embracing him…let them measure the pattern…

    • one more comment, before I call it a night. I believe the command has come. I have prayed, and I know many others have prayed Ezekiel 37 for many years. there has come new revelation. ephraim and judah are coming together. the dry bones. the two sticks. Judah Israel is not complete without Ephraim Israel. Ephraim Israel is not complete without Judah Israel. the Jubilee cannot be kept in the land, if all 12 tribes are not present. the prophetic is stretching itself over the sons. life is coming to the house. restoration is coming to the whole house of Israel. all of Israel will be saved. I believe it. very exciting! ~Sophereth

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      • If Judah and Ephraim are coming together it is in the form of the One New Man, which is basically understanding salvation from both the Jewish and Gentile truth together. This is a spiritual coming together and not a physical gathering. This can happen at any time and in any place.
        The same is true for the Jubilee according to my knowledge. Those in the proper spiritual mindset will come into the Jubilee. Those totally ignorant and uncaring of the matter will probably not.
        What once applied to literal Israel, now applies to all spiritual Israel, where they are, all over the world.
        Those who are One in spirit know who they are and know the Lamb personally. That is all that is required. The rest will play out as it should prophetically. The wise will know, and the ignorant will remain ignorant.

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      • I believe all of that. I believe that judah and ephraim coming together, the dry bones coming together, the two sticks coming together, all of Israel being saved, are all the same thing. one new man. one house. one kingdom. one ekklesia. the kingdom of priests. a spiritual house inhabited with spirit men. not a brick and mortar inhabited by flesh and blood. I believe that house to be Ezekiel’s temple. I believe also though, that we will begin to hear the message of it, the teaching of it. and see it starting at the end of this day, before the kingdom age comes. we will see it in the Spirit. by the Spirit. thank you for your comment, my brother. ~Sophereth

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  1. there is something that I wanted to say before, but I couldn’t quite reach it. I still can’t. I will try anyway. we are in our flesh and blood bodies now. He is teaching us all of these things now. we walk in what we understand now. in this life, in these bodies. we won’t be changed to the immortal until He comes. we won’t put off the mortal and be totally spirit until He comes. THEN, in the twinkling of an eye…even though we are mortal now, we are also spirit now. we are body, soul, and spirit. by our spirit we connect to His Spirit now. so in that sense, we know and walk in the things that are to come, as though they are now. and they are now. in truth. I know that in many circles, Judah and Ephraim are coming together now. in this life. people are receiving revelation of who all Israel really is, and they are walking in that restoration now, in the body. they are worshiping Him together now. I still can’t get what I want to say. I’m rambling a bit…..what say you?

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