Bulletin: apology to all of my dear readers!

It has just come to my attention, that a lot of my replies to your comments, have not gone through. I’ve been doing something wrong. I think that I’ve been sending them into outer space somewhere!!! I guess they are all still floating around out there!!! I appreciate all of your comments so much! Please don’t stop! forgive me if one or more of your comments was not answered. I will get this straightened out immediately!!  ~Sophereth



4 thoughts on “Bulletin: apology to all of my dear readers!

  1. When you get a comment it shows up in your notices, if in WordPress, as a bell. If you click on a comment in your notices, there will be a reply box. If you have been using this, people have been getting your replies. There are some accounts here that will waste your time and say that they are not getting your replies. Just be aware. Not everyone is playing the game as fairly as you have been.

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      • I’ve lost a number of replies too and have adopted a method to insure I don’t have to retype from memory. I keep my replies in a text app (Mac TextEdit). Then I just copy/paste into the reply on the site. If it does not appear as being ready to be approved, then I copy/paste again. This means just one small step PLUS I can use my spell checker in the text edit app.

        I’ve lost more than I care to admit but this solution has worked flawlessly for those stubborn sites that do not work the first time or those inadvertent/accidental tap or type somewhere else and lose it all events.

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      • Jerry, I thank you for the help! God knows I need it! I really don’t like the computer itself, I just have it in order to get this Word out. I live at the uttermost part of the earth! so isolated! (by God), and I am just so thankful for being able to interact with God’s people. so I thank you for your advice, as well as every reply! Blessings to you, ~Sophereth

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