another mass exodus this week…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that have seen and heard.

. the change has come.

. I have never known such exhaustion. my bones are literally out of joint. there would be no way to explain my physical or mental or spiritual condition. I think my body, my soul, my spirit, is in shock.

. I can also feel the deep down rumblings of Joy.

. freedom.

. a new beginning.

. a new Passover this week.

. Elijah will come.

. a new day.

. a new year.

. a new birth.

. a new people.

. a new nation.

. a new house.

. another mass exodus.

. this time not seen with natural eyes, nor heard with natural ears…

. Miriam and the women will again take up their tambourines…

. to lead this new, free, liberated, people. in singing and dancing and shouting and praising…

. on our way to our inheritance…

. the promise land…


4 thoughts on “another mass exodus this week…

  1. Elijah has come and will come in the exact form as mentioned in Malachi 4:5-6. It is the two sticks of Ezekiel 37. The fathers are the Jews and the children the Christians. All are combining under one Head outside of any organized form, but in one full body of truth. Yes, the dry bones are coming together.

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      • Everything written in the NT is built upon that which was written in the OT. The OT was written to and for Jews, the NT to and for Gentile believers.
        Since the Jews are the root of the system, that would make them the fathers and the Gentile believers the children.
        The interesting thing, and I have done this experiment, is that when you combine the OT understanding according to the Jews and the NT understanding according to the Gentiles one is launched into the supernatural… the Spirit and power of Elijah.
        One caveat though… one must use Christian and Jewish truth though. Much error has crept into both systems.

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      • I agree, and have experienced that also. I have always been so drawn to the prophetic of the OT. I love the types and shadows, all the lessons taught from our school master. I don’t know how the NT could be understood fully without the OT…I don’t think it can. just a bit of levity: I am in the city today with my youngest son and his family. we had forgotten that it was the sun day. He made a comment about all these large gatherings of people that we were seeing (he has no memory much or association with sunday worship. when we realized what they were all gathering for, I commented, “they must not have gotten all of our posts!” sad but true. we go on…

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