7th day of Passover. 2:45 PM. 1989.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are watching the day change…

. on the 7th day of Passover, at 2:45 PM, 1989, the Lord spoke these words from the book of Ruth to me:

. …Sit still, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out; for the man will not rest until he finishes the matter today.

. what I was going through at the time is not the point.

. the point is that the Lord finally finished the matter in me in 2014.

. I waited 25 years. gradually, over the years, coming to the realization that this matter would be finished before the end of the 6th day. then The Lord would then again sit down and rest on the seventh day. please hear me by the Spirit.

. it was finished while it was still called Today. now the man will rest.

. `Hebrews 3 and 4. the Holy Ghost saith, Today if ye will hear His Voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation…when your fathers tempted me…I was grieved with that generation…they do alway err in their heart…they have not known my ways…so I swore in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest. take heed, brethren, an evil heart of unbelief…departing from the living God…exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened…while it is said, Today if ye will hear His Voice, harden not your hearts as in the provocation,… to whom sware He that they should not enter into His rest…we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.

. for we which have believed do enter into rest, as He said,…if they shall enter into my rest…the works were finished from the foundation…for He spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all His works. and in this place again, if they shall enter into my rest. seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief; Again, He limited a certain day, saying in David, Today, after so long a time;…Today if ye will hear His Voice, harden not your hearts. if Joshua had given them rest, then He would not have spoken of another day. there remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God….let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief…

. in God, the day starts at sundown. in the evening. the day starts when it is getting darker and darker.

. so it is now. the day is changing. it is getting darker and darker. darkness is coming on the earth. wars and rumours of wars. nation rising against nation. brother against brother. famines and pestilences, earthquakes in divers places…antichrist. false prophet. one world government and one world church. there will be many things to go through before morning.

. those that would not hear His Voice while it was still called Today, those that hardened their heart while it was still called Today, as in the provocation, because of unbelief, are not going to enter into the seventh day rest this time, just like they didn’t enter in last time. if you won’t hear His Voice, you won’t know His ways. His Voice, the Word spoken to them, did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

. it remaineth that some must go in. those that are hearing His Voice will go in. we must labour to go in. labour. Strongs NT #4704. to use speed. to make effort, be prompt or earnest. do, give diligence, be diligent forward endeavour, labour, study   4705. prompt, energetic, earnest; diligent  4710. speed. despatch, eagerness, earnestness, business, earnest care (fulness) diligence, forwardness, haste.

. His Voice mixed with faith. faith to do. faith to be. faith to go through. faith to overcome. faith to live. faith to die. faith to enter in to His seventh day rest. faith cometh by hearing and hearing and hearing His Voice. His Word. those that hear His Voice and believe will enter in to His seventh day rest. this time. by faith.


8 thoughts on “7th day of Passover. 2:45 PM. 1989.

  1. You are so right. This is the only element capable of bringing one into the rest. The original provocation was the refusal to hear His voice and choosing another (Moses as intermediary) instead.
    This time it is the exact same issue – opening up spiritual hearing or paying for your sermons to tickle your itching ears.
    The difference is, the provocation was role-play, and this isn’t.

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  2. Its funny Sophereth I always study better in the evenings and do my greatest work in this time frame. I was always struck with the words in Genesis ‘the evening and the morning’. This is how I have worked and hear the LORD the best. xx

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    • Jacqui, you are so prophetic, for you to notice that about ‘the evening and the morning’! I always noticed that too! that is part of the purpose of this blog. it is a thread that runs all thru scripture.it has to do with the form, the pattern of the house. amazing to me that you have noticed that. most people don’t. I just posed a post with possibly the most beautiful song ever written on it. I know you will enjoy both words and music. my daughter-in-law played it last nite at the end of our seder. it has remained in my spirit all nite and all day. I wanted to share it with everyone today. the blessing of God on you today. ~Sophereth

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