A second thought reiterated on: The Spirit (the Life) of the living creature was in the wheels. Part 1-5.

.this is a marathon. I’ve been up since 3:00 AM. astonished and astounded at the movement and the mystery of it all. I have a large sleeping cat, old bent coke cans, old cigar butts, various sorts of dirty dishes and food wrappers, all over the top of my desk!!! JUST KIDDING!!! JUST KIDDING!!! I don’t have any dirty dishes…

. I’m getting as much writing done as I can today.

. write. rest. write. rest.

. OK. write. write. write. write.

. I will go to the store and rest tomorrow. (the closest Walmart is an hour and a half away) it takes all day.

. when we had our congregation, I would teach.

. I knew NOTHING about the feasts or weekly readings of the Torah and the Prophets. feast scriptures, seasonal scriptures. I didn’t know that any of those things existed.

. I have written about my sufferings (I didn’t know what they were), in the spring and the fall.

. one of the more studious ones among us, started coming to me after the services, saying, and showing me her notes in her bible: “See, you taught the exact same scriptures last year at this time.”

. that continued for a few years.

. then in my lightning fast mind, I began to say: Hmmmm, I wonder what’s up?

. one year, a fair number of our congregation, visited the Messianic Congregation in our city. it was a special service on a sunday afternoon. It was Yom Teruah. (they called it Rosh hashana back then.)

. they came back telling me: “they sang the same songs that you sang, and taught the same scriptures that you taught!”

. Hmmmm…

. it all went fast from there…

. I began to realize that I was on a spiritual cycle. a circle. a yearly round. a wheel of seeing and hearing. nothing of my own doing.

. I began to realize that my sufferings (which were my intercessions), were on this same spiritual cycle, yearly round, wheel of seeing and hearing. nothing of my own doing.

. from then on for years, even up until now, this Passover. I experience those same things. hourly, daily. weekly. monthly, seasonally, yearly, generationaly, and I’m old enough now, to see the age change. I see shelves of my old notebooks and my old, worn out bibles and concordances ( I like the old ones the best), with all of my notes, saying the same things, year after year. now I see this blog. with the same cycle, circle, yearly round, wheel. I’m tired. I don’t have the mental prowess any more, to remember everything in my mind. but my spirit catches it prophetically. and His Word, His Life, His wheel, His seeing, comes around another time…



5 thoughts on “A second thought reiterated on: The Spirit (the Life) of the living creature was in the wheels. Part 1-5.

  1. These words came, I’m not sure exactly why but’I the LORD do not change’. Many today Sophereth want to spice up the Gospel into something different to get different results to appease the audience. But the Gospel, the LORD is the same, He is the same, today, yesterday and forever. I love this stuff you are doing on the wheel. I love Ezekiel and his visions they are incredible. Every time I read them I feel I am right there. I met a lady on line many years ago, she was a wonderful Christian lady, prophetic, but also in a wheel chair. I told her that the Spirit, Holy Spirit were in her wheels. She had never thought of that, in other words the LORD was in ALL parts of her, in everything she does, everything she touches. Isn’t that amazing! I find it so. I give the LORD everything, my writing, my crochet, my dog, my walk everything is His! His message is the same from the Old Testament to the New we cannot separate them no matter how hard we try or want something new. The receipe works why change the ingredients. God Bless Sophereth. Yes write and rest. You sound just like me. Words are coming fast and furious! and I haven’t even read the Word yet ie opened my bible but the Spirit has already opened up the Word in my heart through you and oh so many who follow the Holy Spirit. Praise Him! jacqui xx ….. bit lengthy I know but my fingers just kept on typing!

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    • dearest Jacqui, yes, I am exhausted. the word is coming so fast that I have to take my notebook and pen to my bed at night. I have waited for this time all of my life. all of my sufferings that I haven’t understood have prepared me for this time. this is the time that I was born to. I agree. the Gospel is eternal, just like Jesus the Word is eternal, because it is the same thing. It is the Word of God. the new testament cannot be understood without the old testament. for a person to not accept or Love the old testament, is not a good sign for that person. the Lord said that the OT is our schoolmaster. what a wonderful thing to see this morning! there were your words right in front of me as I start this day! what a treat! I’m glad that your fingers just kept on typing! a comfort to me this morning. ~Sophereth

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