Lion. Man. Ox. Eagle. Part 7.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that see and hear.

. if you will notice, the Lord speaks the same things, same phrases over and over. I wrote on these same scriptures in Ezekiel that terrible morning of intercession. March 28, 2016. entitled: ‘What Will It Take? Ezekiel And The Hole In The Wall.’ Please read it to get further insight into this. that seems so long ago. so much has happened since then. everything has changed.

. Ezekiel 7, 8; 9. the whole chapters. I will give a little background again.

. v.2,3. thus saith the Lord unto Israel….an end, the end is come upon the four corners of the land…now is the end come upon thee…send mine anger…and will judge thee…

. Ezekiel 8. …I sat in mine house…elders sat before me…the hand of the Lord fell there upon me…a likeness of fire…waist upward. waist downward…fire…I saw the seat of the image of jealousy…I will deal in my fury…

. Ezekiel 9. …every man with his destroying weapon…one man among them…clothed with linen…writers inkhorn…go through the midst of the city…I fell on my face and cried…Ah Lord God…

. Ezekiel 10. Then I looked, and behold, in the firmament that was above the head of the cherubims there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone, as the appearance of the likeness of a throne. and he spake unto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in between the wheels, even under the cherub, and fill thine hand with coals of fire from between the cherubims, and scatter them over the city. and he went in my sight….

. back to Isaiah 6 again: I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up…above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings…one cried to another, and said, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is filled with his glory. …the posts moved at the voice of him that cried…the house was filled with smoke. then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; …I am a man of unclean lips, I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips…mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts. then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar…he laid it upon my mouth…thine iniquity is taken away…thy sin purged…

. back to Ezekiel 10. now the cherubims stood on the right side of the house, when the man went in; …cloud filled the inner court. the glory of the Lord went up from the cherub…stood over the threshold of the house…house filled with the cloud…court was full of the brightness of the Lord’s glory. the sound of the cherubims wings was heard even to the outer court, as the voice of the Almighty God when he speaketh. it came to pass, when he had commanded the man clothed with linen, saying, Take fire from between the wheels, from between the cherubims; then he went in and stood beside the wheels. …one cherub stretched forth his hand from between the cherubims unto the fire that was between the cherubims, and took thereof, and put it into the hands of him that was clothed with linen: who took it and went out. when I looked, behold the four wheels by the cherubims, one wheel by one cherub, and another wheel by another cherub: and the appearance of the wheels was as the color of beryl stone. and as for their appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel…

. when they went, they went upon their four sides; they turned not as they went. whither the head looked they followed it…their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that they four had. as for the wheels, it was cried unto them in my hearing, O whirling wheels. every one had four faces. first face…face of a cherub. second face…face of a man. third face…face of a lion. fourth face…face of an eagle.

. …and when the cherubims went, the wheels went by them: and when the cherubims lifted up their wings to mount up from the earth, the same wheels also turned not from beside them. when they stood, these stood; and when they were lifted up, these lifted up themselves also; for the spirit of the living creature was in them.

. then the glory of the Lord departed from off the threshold of the house, and stood over the cherubims…they lifted up their wings, mounted up from the earth in my sight: when they went out, the wheels were also beside them, and every one stood at the door of the east gate of the Lord’s house; and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above.

. this is the living creature that I saw under the God of Israel…every one had four faces…every one four wings…the likeness of their faces was the same faces which I saw by the river Chebar, their appearances and themselves: they went every one straight forward.

. here we have it again. another witness. another telling. another showing. Ezekiel 1. Ezekiel 10. Revelation 4. Numbers 2.

. tonight, right as I post this, begins the 7th day of unleavened bread. tomorrow night, this ‘beginning of the year’ feast is over. I have seen it happen too many times at the end of this feast. God will do a new thing. It starts at the beginning of His year. but this time, a change as monumental as was the change between B.C. and A.D. as we start through this next year, He will speak to us. He will unfold revelation of His mysteries to us. He will show us things which must be hereafter. He will show us things that are to come…

. speak Lord. for thy servants hear…


7 thoughts on “Lion. Man. Ox. Eagle. Part 7.

  1. It does dawn on me that the cherubim represent the armies of Israel, especially in regard to their layout around the sanctuary.
    The sanctuary from the alter of sacrifice to the ark of the covent is laid out like a cross according to furniture placement. The armies of Israel are laid out like a cross as well: a cross within a cross.
    The wheels represent the cycles – the cycles within us and the cycles of Yahweh: a wheel within a wheel.
    The armies and the wheels stand side by side as if one thing. The Spirit of the living creatures is in the wheels.
    Ez. 10 is the Lord’s departure from the symbol of the sanctuary system and the armies of Israel with him, the elect. At this time, the types transfer and become the real spiritual essence of Oneness in Yeshua.

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