Lion. Ox. Man. Eagle. Part 13. Is there life after the candlestick age?

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher.

. yes. there is life after the candlestick age.

. the old form is over. the old pattern is gone.

. God does not end an age without having the next age set up and waiting…

. everything is right on time. God has known the end from the beginning.

. He has told us from the beginning about this time.

. God will do the new thing now. which is really the original thing.

. ‘things’ are such today, that I have to just ‘cry’ this out…

. Exodus 19. God’s intent for Israel was and still is: Thus shalt thou say…if you will obey my Voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people…ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel…

. 1Peter 2:5-9. …ye also, as living stones, are built up into a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Yeshua Messiah…behold I lay in Sion (remember we are come!)…but ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him…

. king/priests.

. a ruling, royal priesthood.

. ruling and reigning WITH HIM from the throne. encamped around and sitting together WITH him IN the throne. STANDING before the throne. MINISTERING to Him, at the throne. always in His Presence, at the throne. never leaving His Presence. knowing His every move. knowing His will. with Him whithersoever He goeth. knowing what He has done and what He will do. His will is their will. same mind in them that is in Yeshua Messiah.

. just like David. king/priest. king of Israel. he wore the ephod and MINISTERED to the Lord.

. just like Jesus. King/Priest. King of the universe. Priest forever after the order of Melchisedek.

. the dual office of king/priest. I have written of it all through this blog.

. the time is now. the ‘new’ order of things is being set in place now.

. look at Numbers 1 and 2. transposed over Ezekiel 1 and 10. Revelation 1, 4, 5, 14.

. the throne, who bears it? the ark, who carries it? SEAT of His government. SEAT of Divine rulership. who camps in it and lives in it and around it?

. who bears and carries the presence of God into a family? a city? a congregation? a nation? an age?

. who takes the presence of God OUT WITH THEM when they LEAVE a family? a city? a congregation? a nation? an age?

. what comes IN when they carry the Presence OUT?

. judgement.

. the ark in the center of the camp. the tabernacle of the testimony.

. the priests camped round about the ark.

. …thou shalt appoint the Levites, (the priests) over the tabernacle of testimony, and over all the vessels thereof, and over all things that belong to it: they shall BEAR THE TABERNACLE WHEN JOURNEYING, and all it’s furnishings thereof; and they shall MINISTER to it and encamp AROUND IT. when the tabernacle is to go forward, the Levites (the priests) shall take it down and when the tabernacle is to be pitched, the Levites (the priests) shall set it up.

. and any, not of the tribe of Levi, who approach the tabernacle shall be put to death.

. …the Levites shall encamp around the tabernacle of the Testimony, so that there may be no wrath upon the congregation of the Israelites; and the Levites shall keep the charge of the tabernacle of the testimony.

. in other words, when the Levites were present, standing between God and the people, judgement couldn’t break out. then that means when the Levites are not present, judgement breaks out.

. look at Ezekiel 1 and 10. Revelation 1, 4, 5. 14.

. see the placement of the ark.

. see the placement of the throne.

. see the placement of the cherubim.

. see the placement of the 24 elders.

. when God moved, when God left, in Ezekiel 1 and 10 (judgement came), when God came back, in Ezekiel 43 and 44, when the ark moved, who carried the ark? who set it up? who took it down? when the throne moved, who carried the throne? who set it up? who took it away?

. who encamps around the ark and the throne? who MINISTERS to it?

. who camps between the ark and the people, so that wrath doesn’t break forth on the people?

. why didn’t wrath break out on the people from David’s tabernacle?

. ye also, as living stones, are built up into a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Yeshua Messiah.

. thus shalt thou say…if you will obey my Voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people…and ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation…these are the words that thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel…




32 thoughts on “Lion. Ox. Man. Eagle. Part 13. Is there life after the candlestick age?

    • somebody has to go first.. trailblazers…they must have kicked up a lot of dust as they started out…they had to keep their eyes on the cloud…I’m feeling some sort of disturbance today, writing has been harder today…being an empath isn’t easy sometimes…so much going on out there…

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      • So you’re an empath too. We can feel these things around us. Yes, the trick is to sort all the signals coming in. Not always easy. Sometimes it takes a bit of meditation.
        The odd feeling I’ve had today is from souls that are drawing back into different forms of religion. This following really breaks the mould, and those that cannot hear have a difficulty in leaving those familiar things behind. Yahweh is drawing His own quite a ways out right now. It is according to the pattern, but seems like unfamiliar territory if one is not exposed to the Spirit’s interpretation from beginning to end.

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      • I never used that term until Star Trek, then my children and I realized: wait a minute! that’s us! they used to call it “the birth defect”. sometimes not wanting the suffering that can come because of it. there is strength in knowing the beginning from the end by the Spirit. I will have to go on that today, because ‘something’ is really heavy. probably what you said: souls drawing back….

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      • The Kingdom age is very fearful for some. It has been grossly misrepresented in apocalyptic literature and sermons. Many have been held back to the state of spiritual babes in the churches so that instead of hearing a word for themselves, they have been spoon fed fables.
        Many will pray that this will be turned back out of fear, but there is no turning it back. It comes despite our condition. One cannot turn back into the comfort of the house at this time. They will only find a snare there. Choices are being made. It should be fine, but people have to steel themselves for what’s ahead. It might not necessarily be pretty, but those who remain in Yeshua will undoubtedly go through.
        It won’t be all bad. There is some thrill to it!

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      • the most exciting time in history. the culmination of the Plan of God. our destiny. the throne. most have never heard that. where does that put them? will they just have to find their way by themselves? one choice at a time? one step of obedience at a time? not being able to see? never being taught anything? that might be what is disturbing me today. after all is said and done, it is in God’s hands. He Loves them more than we do…whatever it is, it effected my writing today…tomorrow, I will get up and go again…

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      • It is the time we mature from mere mortals to Sons and Daughters of The Most High. It does take a little preparation and the different religious bodies have largely prevented that.
        It is a little disturbing that these have been taught so little, but it is a bit of their own doing as they’ve chosen to trust religious bodies instead of going straight to Source. Heaven forbid that they get a little spiritual exercise. This laziness may hurt them a bit, but if they are willing to fall under the Spirit, even now, they will be safe.
        The difficulty is that it is supremely hard to change a character all at once. We mould our consciences every day. If our consciousness is in the dark, we are in the dark.
        The Spirit is moving away from souls that have quenched it in the religious bodies for years. It is consolidating around those that have invested their spiritual talents. It is not like it once was, where a soul could just reach out for it and it was there. Sometimes it just feels empty now. A soul that has spurned the spirit in the past, must really seek now.
        The Cherubim carry the the presence from the temple at a time. That time is now. You’re either in that company that is rising with Yeshua or in an empty temple that no longer has the presence.

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      • right! my verbosity is a ‘thing of renown’!
        it just occurred to me in the last 5 minutes, that ‘this’ is a burden of intercession, a sorrow, if you will, the empathy, that will lead to the Word coming. no matter how many years, I never seem to learn that. for me, that burden is necessary. all day today, I couldn’t seem to remember that.

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      • the plot thickens…earlier your post came with the picture of the pool table and balls. I just saw your last post with the picture of the Giza pyramids!!! and the alignment. Oh my.

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      • I actually posted the pyramids first, but I wasn’t fully happy with it, so the pool table was substituted. Now WordPress can dither with it in blinking spectrogram.
        It’s awesome you got the pyramid symbology though!

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      • I feel I am being led to share this post with both of you (or the whole blog too) and am leaving this in a comment here so you will both hopefully see it.
        If you have insights please feel free to share them, just keep in mind I’m still learning after coming out of being raised in “the church” and still lack quite a bit of understanding – which God willing will grow more and more. It’s all His timing.
        I’m still having to get around and avoid the doctrines of men that had been ingrained in my mind.
        Still new to experience the spiritual side of things too, though with slow growing of understanding, which I lack on my part.

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      • I was raised in the church also. never in a denomination, always in small independent congregations. then we had our own congregation in the 80’s and early 90’s. so I have never experienced “denominationalism”, but I still kept the catholic form.we didn’t know that it was catholic. i.e. the sun day the christ mass, ishtar etc.etc. these last 22 years, the Lord began to show me His pattern of worship. it takes a while to ‘come out’ in your thinking, when it has been ingrained in you all of your life.

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      • This author, whoever it is, does have some things going for them… I was impressed enough to follow.
        I too am of the opinion that true science and true spirituality will agree.
        The Earth age is a young age. Many things exist going back beyond the Earth age. The Earth is a microcosmic creation in a much older and more developed universe.
        I do not disagree with Ushers Chronology that places us at the 6000 year period since “creation”. There is a Jewish timetable that is even more accurate. But for all intents and purposes, we end up as entering the Sabbath at this stage in the game regardless.
        The other thing that plays into this time table is science. Carbon dating has been shown to be faulty in extended time periods and in materials undergoing extreme environments.
        For example, a student made a rock that he produced with baked mud, only hours old, that carbon dated in the lab to hundreds of thousands of years.
        Not knowing the conditions which many artifacts have been through, makes it difficult for science to accurately predict time periods simply by the carbon method. Short time periods in fairly normalized environments seem much more accurate.
        There is a whole plethora of reasons that make artifacts seemingly jump from the relatively short, 6000 year period, to periods of hundreds of thousands and even million and billions of years old.
        One of these is, and we should come to grips with accounts such as the book of Enoch, that there are remains of entities and creatures here on this planet that have lives that extend beyond and before the Earth Age. Yes, there are creatures whose remains could possibly come from universal civilizations that take us back hundreds of thousand, millions, and billions of years ago.
        The Earth plane is a model in a universal setup and cannot be judged only on it’s physical 6000 year existence. It has been impacted by universal civilizations that have existed many ages before “creation”.
        The question this article brings us to is the Sabbath. Are we entering, have entered, the 7th millennium? Are we moving into the rest?
        What I am about to share, will be the most difficult concept that I will share on this subject, but if it can be grasped, it will open the way to see that this is indeed the 7th millennium.
        Yahweh, which made this terrarium we call Earth, made it in six days, and rested on the Sabbath, the 7th. The whole cycle of the time of mankind was built into that cycle. Every sequential thousand years of history is equal spiritually to its creation day.
        Sunday is not the 7th day. Sunday is the 1st day. It was instituted by the goddess Semiramis (Easter, Isis, Ishtar, Astarte) in Babylon as a way to worship her husband, the false god Nimrod (Baal).
        Creation moves from the first day to the seventh and then the cycle is complete. The false system reverses this and moves backward to the first day and masks the significance of the whole timeline.
        Christ which is also the Creator, always kept the 7th. The Passover on which He died was a Wednesday. That would have Him rising, after resting through Saturday as was His custom, at about even (evening) right before the first day began. Note: the Biblical days go from sundown to sundown and not midnight to midnight. Midnight to midnight is a pagan construct. The whole Sunday tradition is a Babylonian lie superimposed upon the truth.
        That difficult dilemma having been revealed… Warning: those who are in the physical and material (Sunday) paradigm will not be able to accept the spiritual Sabbath. Sabbath is in the spiritual paradigm only, and can only be understood in this light. … one must now ask how to come into the 7th which is now appearing.
        One comes in by believing, Do you believe the original creation account? Do you believe the 7 parallel thousand year earth ages. Do you believe the example of Christ in His life and death. If you do, you will see it. We are entering the 7th. It is as plain as day. We enter in by rest, knowing that everything we need in this transition has already been provided for us.

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      • I agree with what you are saying and I don’t find it to be too difficult of a concept, though years ago I would have. The things I wrote about (the link is to one of my blogs. I have several but for different reasons) were things that the Lord sent me to to further my own learning and understanding. I was led to a site that talks of the “Ruin-Reconstruction or Gap Theory” though I have yet to finish reading it well over a year later ( if you’re interested. I only read what I was led to as there were parts that didn’t sit correctly in my spirit. Either because of inaccuracy or lack of understanding at that time).

        Though I do agree that there are many creatures, especially spirits, that we do not know about I can’t currently take the book of Enoch as a full truth. I came into trying to read it some time ago. All the while different aspects continued to play in my head to the point of confusion. I finally asked the Lord to remove anything I had read from this book that was false. The only words that then stuck were “Enoch was righteous.” Looking back, much of the things I read in it that were stuck as replaying consistently in my mind were much like when I’ve dealt with witchcraft.

        I do agree with you about carbon dating, and that there is a lot of science that is aligning to spiritual matters. I am still in what I consider myself as the beginning stages of discernment of spirits. I haven’t fully experienced some things concerning the Kingdom but more of the demonic and wickedness in this world. I’m hoping this changes more as I would much rather experience more through God’s Kingdom than demonic ages and locations. I realize it all serves a purpose. His purpose. Though I’ve also come to realize that being sensitive to such things can sometimes be more an effect of surroundings more than directed towards me. Those I usually ask the Lord for a break from when there’s nothing I can do at that moment or for that particular situation.
        Still, I end up with many questions. Feeling is much harder to distinguish than hearing and seeing.

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      • for years now, I only read things that I know that the Lord has sent me. it saves the time and energy of having to pick through to see if what you are reading is right. I’ve heard of the book of Enoch, but never read it. in times past, I’ve bought books that I’ve had to throw out. I stick to the scriptures and a very few books. I’m not interested in ‘knowledge ‘ anymore. only revelation. and…revelation is coming so fast now, it’s enough to keep us occupied!

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      • I do the same thing. There are times when I come across things that are not led by the Lord and I cannot even focus my eyes on them, especially if they have demonic influences. The rest of the time I find them uninteresting and go do something else. Everything needs Spirit confirmation, especially while things are fastening so fast

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      • If ever my comments don’t make sense, I’m either crazy or my phone is inputting the wrong words. When I’m using my phone for responses, that is. Just throwing that out there. Sometimes I don’t check what I’ve written as well as I should.

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