1993. a dream. Prophetic Principle Part 2.

.In 1993, the Lord told us to shut down the 501C3, and leave this certain city. we were not a denominational congregation, but we kept the catholic form.

. I was dragging my feet, I think, because of having to leave loved ones that would not.

. I had a dream: I was standing at a table on one side. it was a high table. no chairs. not low like an eating table. on the other side, was my loved ones. my congregation. in the forefront, at the table, was a certain couple. I was pleading. they would not.

. I noticed on the table a white box. it was the size of a box that writing paper comes in. I opened the lid. inside the box were many sticks stacked neatly. they looked just like paint stirrers that you would buy at the paint store. at the top of each of these were a pair of eyes. the eyes were closed in sleep. the Lord spoke to me: sleeping judgements.

. at once, two angels, human form, came in. I was facing the table. they came up to me. they turned and faced the door behind me. they put their arms under my arms, and carried me out; as I was still turned facing my loved ones, with my arms reaching out to them. I was taken out of that city. left to my own devices, there is no telling how long I would have stayed there and begged. Time was up.

. that was 23 years ago.

. that city is a border city. across the border is Mexico.

. since I started this blog, on a regular basis, this blog was preempted, to plead. come out of the church system! right up until the very end. the end of the year, about a week or so before Passover, I pleaded. a new friend came, showing me that I could not do that anymore. left to my own devices, there is no telling how long I would have stayed there and begged. Time was up.

. now. this year. judgements are waking up. in the cities. in the nations.




11 thoughts on “1993. a dream. Prophetic Principle Part 2.

  1. I can’t say I know completely what this is like. I can relate and in some ways and can’t in others. I can relate in regards to those sleeping as many are doing that around me here. I fear someday the true revelation of this very thing and likewise personal experience will hit me, and I’m sure it will be a blow.
    One of the hardest parts more lately is being around all those sleeping, that think life just continues on the same way it always has, despite what the Word says (if they ever believe it or perceive it). One of the other hardest things is patience in waiting for eyes to open, if they will.

    The Lord is calling us out, our little group, in the physical sense. It’s not time yet and I don’t fully know what to expect for those that we will leave behind. I also don’t know how many will come with us. He’s been preparing us for this for quite some time if not our entire lives. It’s what He needs and we must be obedient, for the sake of His Kingdom. It’s exciting and sometimes terrifying at the same time.

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    • in that certain dream, it was the judgements themselves that were sleeping. it is the judgements themselves that are now waking up. in the cities and the nations. in my understanding of Tony’s dream, the sifting and the seive, were judgements in the form of floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, fiery winds, etc. etc. His mercy still endures…

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  2. It is amazing how long this calling out has been going on. It was back in ’88 when I received my first dream, out of the blue btw, concerning this. Several more followed in quick succession. I shared them with a pastor. He cursed me because he knew the dreams foretold the end of the church age way back then.
    It is amazing it has gone on this long and has finally closed. It has been an incredibly merciful period!
    You are right. Judgements are falling. I’m not so sure it’s a time to even bemoan this. People have had a long time to make up their minds and fall either under Yahweh’s direction, or follow a crowd.
    We bring about our own reality in a sense. What happens is our own doing and we cannot really blame another.
    It is a brave move to leave the comfort of the crowd and those that we hoped would see. It is also a safe one if activated by the Spirit.

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    • you have such a way of putting this. I totally agree. actually, I didn’t really know what was happening to me back then. I just took one step at a time as I heard it. but I do remember back in the 80’s, when I would be teaching…I would hear myself say: the church has gone to Babylon! I would think, What did I just say??? so, with me, the Lord just simply took me one step at a time, in spite of myself. it is amazing.

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      • I can remember back in 2008 I read the Scriptures and the word ICABOD shouted to me. I knew then that the Holy Spirit had come out of the churches. I’ve never forgotten it because it screeched out to me. Then on another occasion I literally heard the trumpet from heaven and I started to write again under the name ‘Shofargirl’. Just lots of warnings so many I lost count. I was praying into the night listening to the LORD and writing to exhaustion. I feel now in 2016 something has shifted like a door closed now to the church. There is nothing left, it is empty truly those ICABOD words were a prophetic word over the church and those who have ears heard it and those who didn’t and I know many who do not understand it stay within those four walls. My heart aches. I have tried to warn and finally in one last attempt last year 2015 November I was forced out nearly dying as well. The LORD is so able to save mightily Sophereth but like you grieved over loved ones but like lots wife we must not look back, we really musn’t.

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    • I too was called out in 1988, but I was a new Christian and didn’t know any religious jargon about the church, but I knew the church was not what it is supposed to be i.e. the first blueprint of the original church. I went back in but was called out again or rather pushed out and now I am finally completely out of it. It’s been a long call and never understand when the LORD said ‘Come out Come out of Christianity’. I wrote an article back in 2008, some 20 years later and I said to the LORD ‘I can’t write that they will kill me’. Eight years later the full revelation of the truth of the church has my eyes wide open and the seriousness of Judgement. Many do not want to believe it. There is a lot of pretending of ‘the game of church’ but it is so serious, so real, I cannot keep quiet about it so I continue to write and speak to whosoever the LORD puts on my path. It is only by His strength and revelation that I am where I am right now.

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  3. We live close to the Mexican Border here in Arizona. We were called out of the church a number of years ago. God forced our hand in one situation and finally he spoke to me in a dream that my wife and I were to leave. So we obeyed and have not looked back since. We too miss friends but we both know that this is a lonely road from Egypt to the promised land and few are willing to travel it.

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    • Tony, I keep saying, like Habukkuk, Lord, in your wrath remember mercy. I believe what we have seen and warned about for so many years, at long last, is here. I also believe like in your last post, what God has promised for so many years, a great deluge, wave after wave, of God’s Spirit, will pour over us and through us as the waters cover the sea.

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