A Prophetic Principle.

.there is a prophetic principle in scripture. I have noticed that some have spoken of it. I’m just going to mention it here briefly, until I have more time. 2 instances:

. when God came down to judge Sodom and Gomorrah, the angels said that He couldn’t send judgement until Lot, his wife, and daughters got out. Lot was dragging his feet so to speak, and the angels seized him, his wife, and two daughters, and brought them out. then judgement came.

. the antichrist cannot be revealed until ‘that which has restrained him is taken out of the way’.

. I believe ‘that which has restrained him’ has been taken out of the way. worldwide. now judgement is here in the nations.



3 thoughts on “A Prophetic Principle.

  1. This really spoke Sophereth. When I read your other article about the two angels pulling you away from your church and then read your article it brought to mind how God rescued me out of my last church. I knew I was sent in to warn and did so for over 2 years but they wouldn’t listen. They still remain in the church. I know because of a word I received from the LORD that judgement is coming to that church. I was given so many words and then finally I acted out in front of one woman the church of laodicea and spat on the ground which I have never done such an appalling thing then the LORD in my distress spoke to me that evening and told me it was He that instructed me to do this and then I understand judgement is now and moving me out of the way Sophereth was fast, painful and indeed everything shook in my life. I was taken out of the way, the restraint has been removed and now judgement is come.

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  2. Somehow I missed this post while my computer was down. I am amazed at how so many people write about the shaking and the judgement happening in their churches, yet they cannot see that this is calling them to come out. It is quite a sight to behold.
    I’m guessing that this revealing of the antichrist is going to be quite subtle as well. Antichrist means in place of Christ. This leaves room for interpretation. There is a growing overall attitude of putting oneself in place of Christ and there is also a growing nearness to Christ among the ekklesia that makes them difficult to differentiate from Christ. I can see finger pointing coming up in both directions. Then there is the muddle in the middle.
    Oh well. While some are pretending to be Christ, it is definitely time to grow into Him. Only that which pretends is promised to fall away.

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