I will wait.

. I posted this on Jacqui’s blog. I believe that it needs to be posted here also:

. even though this activity will still go on in the natural, I believe that it had to be called out, cleaned up, and closed up. in and by the Spirit of God. today. I will wait on the two and three witnesses for the truth of it to be established. today. this process might seem harsh, but we are living in a new time. a new day, a new way. there has been a warning that there was danger. it needed to be written, published, and witnessed. today. I wait. I Love you all, ~Sophereth   PS. the post that I refer to is entitled: The Last 110 Years…1906-2016. Part 1. written on May 9, 2016.


25 thoughts on “I will wait.

  1. I’m just catching up on my email. Did you know that the Azusa Street movement came at the end of the Adventist movement as it was transitioning from being a movement to a church. That is pretty much when Adventism fell. It’s just an interesting side note. It’s been just about a hundred years.

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    • that is interesting to me. are you speaking of the 7th day Adventist? my daughter-in-law’s father took her and her brother to an Adventist church, because the Lord had shown him the Sabbath and he didn’t know where else to go…

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      • It is about the only place to go if you don’t become a Jew or Messianic and you want to know the truth about the Sabbath.
        The 7th Day Adventists are gone too though. It was when they started keeping Easter that a flood of evil swept through that church. Actually they lost a lot becoming evangelical in the 50’s and about 100 years ago their own prophet walked out on them.

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      • I only know what my daughter-in-law has told me. and somehow I ended up with a couple of books. her brother is so miserable trying to find a ‘church’ that satisfies his hunger for the Lord. he looks at every Adventist church and every Messianic congregation everywhere. he travels a lot. can’t find what he is looking for. I just wait and trust for him.

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      • He’ll never find it. It isn’t in the churches anymore. He’ll have to find it inside. When he does, he won’t settle for anything less.
        Btw, lemme guess… Great Controversy and Desire of Ages?

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      • It’s a good read actually. Every word spoken in there has come about, not always as expected, but as predicted nonetheless.
        It’s pretty thick. That is the church leadership’s forced rewrite. The original is a small booklet… a much easier and precise read. The booklet form is almost impossible to find now.

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      • The Sabbath is the Seal of God. Sunday is the Mark of the Beast. They’re opposites sitting at opposite ends of the week, showing which side one is on, in opposite systems that parallel each other.
        There are many verses to back it up, but if you’ve read as much as it looks like you have, I’m sure you can see it.

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      • I believe every word of that. I’ve also noticed this thru the years…and wondered, and come to believe, that Rome will join with Islam, (and other secret ‘priesthood’ societies). they have the same root somehow. even to the nuns habit and the burka being the same. E.W. Bullinger wrote in about 1896, that the gematria (in Hebrew) for Isis is 666. he had no idea, of course, at the time, what we know now. the pope and the Imam at ground zero. I notice things like that and wait to see…

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      • That is exactly why Easter ruined Adventism. I study a lot into these things. Easter is the worship of Isis (Semiramis), the fertility cult started in Babylon. Sunday is central to this system. Both Nimrod and Tammuz (Nimrod incarnate [supposedly]) represent the sun. This is the root of Sunday.
        Adventism can keep Sabbath every week of the year, and one Sunday per year takes it down. It practice points to the shift from the seal to the mark.
        When it says to worship the Creator in Revelation 14, it is pointing to the 7th day of creation. The Jews know which day that is, and that it has never changed. But every fallen denomination or group out there adores either the sun or Sunday. The blind following the blind.
        But it is more than just blindness. It is an innate spiritual direction. Those who are really true at heart always end up on the right day. Those who aren’t, it matters not whether Catholic or Muslim, end up on the wrong day or with the wrong sign.

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      • actually, I only read what God sends me. I have gone and bought books in times past, and had to throw them away. I have found books on my bookshelves, I have no idea who they came from, I suppose from people in our congregation that left them, that God has spoken to me through. occasionally, I have been able to buy a certain book…that has ministered to me…

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      • Totally relate. I’m a totally random book buyer. I usually only bring it home if I am inspired to read it. I find the collection has become quite eclectic because of this.
        Shocking as it may seem, I read from all different backgrounds and faiths. Yahweh showed me a few years back that he isn’t following some faith. First of all He’s drawing from them all, and secondly, he is calling them out and forming them, out of the all, into something that represents Him alone.
        That is why I write the way I do on my blog. I am bringing together points accepted by many faiths and pointing them all in one direction. In the end, it is the Spirit of the matter that one must grasp.

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