Eagle. A City. Part 18.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the eagles that will fly…

To: those that will hear and see with their spirit, by the Spirit.

. note: remember that each of these posts are interconnected. small increments of the whole Word that is coming. one Word.

. note: two posts today.

. I got blasted into a new place yesterday. a new place, but an old familiar place.

. I have hope that you will come with me, make the decision to come with me. it requires a decision. it requires your life.

. I got stretched beyond my mind yesterday. it was an uncomfortable place.

. my mind has been drastically weakened and tired during the last 25 years. now I know why.

. from this point on, we will have to hear and see, more and more as we press in, by the very Spirit of God.

. I thought I was, and I was.

. you think you do, and you do.

. but where God will take us now is higher and deeper, bigger and smaller, wider and narrower.

. more taken from us. more given to us.

. more withheld. more granted.

. only worshipers can live here.

. the proximity to Him requires the continual covering of worship. just like the tabernacle of David. the booth that is fallen, that is now built up again.

. just like the four living creatures and the twenty four elders, continually falling down before Him, casting their crowns before Him, giving glory and honour and thanks to Him that sitteth upon the throne.

. this place:

. beyond the veil.

. it’s time to fly.

. like the eagle.


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