Trust me on this one. You’re gonna want to read this:who hath despised the day of small beginnings?

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are seeing the day…

. I told my oldest grandaughter this morning: I don’t usually write on the sabbath. I try not to cry on the sabbath. today-I do both.

. I am seeing something in the Spirit. I’m not seeing this with my natural eyes. I will try to write it out.

. please hear me in the Spirit. with your spirit.

. I had no earthly idea of what it would cost me to get here.

. I had no earthly idea of what it would cost me to stay here.

. both naturally and spiritually.

. there were millions of us, who had to come out and stay out.

. there are millions of us who had to go on ahead, to come out first. by faith. dug from the quarry. hewed. isolated. alone. hidden. the fire. the flood. the cutting. the trying. the testing. the purging….the forming…the pain…the suffering…not knowing why…

. having to forsake houses and lands. mothers and fathers. brothers and sisters. husbands or wives. children and grandchildren. forsaking all. to follow Him. to follow Him somewhere. a place that at the time, had not been seen yet…not knowing why…

.  Jesus said: follow me! they said Lord! let me go and say goodbye to my mother and father! the call comes again. Follow me! every one that hath forsaken houses or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name sake, shall receive…

. not knowing why. not understanding why. crying out day and night: What? Lord? why? Lord? what is this Lord? what do you want from me Lord?

. for those millions of us, the reason will be made known now.

. the change has come. a new day is dawning.

. a new hour. a new day. a new age.

. ‘things’ have changed. ‘things’ will never be the same.

. we are the generation upon whom the end of the age is come.

. we will learn of the kingdom now. we will see His kingdom come, His will be done in the earth just like it is in heaven now.

. we will see that the kingdom has suffered violence, we will see the violent take it by force now.

. we will see the mysteries of the kingdom unfold now.

. we will see the mustard seed that was hidden in the garden, become a great tree. the birds of the air will come and lodge in the branches thereof now.

. we will see the leaven that was hidden in the measures of meal, leaven the whole lump. the bread will be made that will feed the many now.

. we will see the treasure that was hidden in the field, cause men to go, and with Joy, sell all that they have, to go and buy that field now.

. we will see the people not forsaking the assembling of themselves together by the Spirit of God now.

. sometimes physically. most times not. the day is quickly coming when that will not be possible.

. learning to communicate with Him by His Spirit. learning to communicate with each other by His Spirit. no longer necessary to be physically in the same place, but to be spiritually in the same place.

. that is why I can write today. that is why I weep today.

. there is a small beginning today. an assembling together today. by His Spirit.

. an assembling. on the holy convocation of the sabbath. Emor. speak.


5 thoughts on “Trust me on this one. You’re gonna want to read this:who hath despised the day of small beginnings?

  1. I so relate to this. To those who have been called out, the ecclesia, there is a new thing happening. The heavens and what it means to be in them is opening up like never before.

    I had a dream last night. I was in an old Roman ruins. The sun was bright and inviting. I wandered into a courtyard. Old pillars were all that remained standing around it. In front of it was a king-sized bed with a scarlet velvet bed covering with golden fringes all around. I could see there were people lying on it and it actually looked inviting at first. However, as I approached the bed, I could see that all who were on it were corpses. They were all dead. I knew this was not the place for me, and immediately sensed my need to get out of there.

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