6 is talking!!!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are listening…and will have to, very quickly now, discern and choose between 6 and 7.

. which are you marked with?

. which will you be marked with?

. 6 has been talking from the beginning…

. I am quoting from E.W. Bullinger. Number in Scripture. pp. 150-157, 282-286. published in 1894.

. 6 is the number of man. human. the number of imperfection. man falling short of spiritual perfection.

. when 12 (the number of governmental perfection) is divided, it indicates imperfection in rule and administration. Solomon’s throne had 6 steps. his kingdom was soon divided. the twelve loaves of Shewbread were divided into two sixes. the twelve tribes were divided.

. man was created on the 6th day. he has the number 6 impressed on him. 6 days are appointed unto him for his labour. the number of man’s labour as apart and distinct from God’s rest. on account of the curse, the number 6 tells not only of labour, but of labour and sorrow.

. 6 especially marks all that is ‘under the sun’, all that is ‘not of God’. secular completeness.

. the serpent created on the 6th day. 6th commandment relates to murder. 6 is stamped on the measurements of the Great Pyramid. Abraham’s 6 intercessions for Sodom marked man’s imperfection in prayer, which falls short of that of the Divine Intercessor. the burnt offerings in Genesis 22 are mentioned 6 times, because the seventh was that of the Divine Substitute which God Himself would provide. 6 earthquakes mentioned in scripture. Athaliah reigned for 6 years. 6 times, Yeshua was charged with having a devil. in Nehemiah, there are 6 oppositions. there are 6 words in scripture that are used for the word man, 4 in the OT, 2 in the NT. the serpent has 6 names. Psalms 9 and 10 describe the ‘man of the earth’, the coming Anti-Christ, and the Apostasy which marks his presence, called the ‘times of trouble’.

. 666 is the number of a name. when the name of Antichrist is known, it’s gematria will doubtless be found to be the number 666.

. this number…connected to the secret mysteries of the ancient religions…again will be manifested in connection with the last Great Apostasy.

. if 6 is the number of secular or human perfection, then 66 is a more emphatic expression of the same fact, and 666 is the concentrated expression of it.

. 666 is therefore the ‘trinity’ of human perfection; the perfection of imperfection; the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Messiah.

. 666 was the secret symbol of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the devil.

. it is today the secret connecting link between those ancient mysteries and their modern revival…the efforts of the great enemy are now directed towards uniting all into one great whole….reunion is in the air…the conferences for the reunion of the churches, are alike parts of the same great movement, and are all making for and are signs of the coming Apostasy. during this age, “Separation” is God’s Word for His people, and is the mark of Messiah; while “union” and “reunion” is the mark of Antichrist.

. the number 6 was stamped on the old mysteries…Apostasy is before us…there is nothing left but judgement. there is nothing more the enemy can do before he proceeds to build up the great apostasy on the ruins of true religion, and thus prepare the way for the coming of the Judge.

. 6=5+1. the grace of God superseded by the corruption of man.

. 666 is very far reaching…filled with a meaning deeper, perhaps, than anything we have yet discovered…one thing is certain, and that is, the triple 6 marks the culmination of man’s opposition to God in the person of the coming Antichrist.

. footnote on p. 49. in the Greek alphabet, the letter s (that is the only way I can write this letter on the computer) is called Stigma. it is used for the number 6…both letter and number are connected with the ancient Egyptian “mysteries”. these three letters…were the symbol of Isis, which is thus connected with 666.

. having quoted all of that, I will say this. 6 has been talking from the beginning.

. stigma. Websters: mark. an identifying mark. brand. tattoo.

. 6 is coming for you. 6 is wooing you and calling you. 6, the number of man. secular, human perfection. falling short of spiritual perfection. earthly rather than heavenly. your will rather than God’s will. flesh instead of Spirit. self rather than Him. 6 is our natural bent.  6 will be our downfall. 6 rather than 7 will send our soul to hell.

. 6 is talking.

. don’t listen.


26 thoughts on “6 is talking!!!

    • yes! I have that book also. I refer to both time and time again. I would like to have more of what he has written. i.e. the placement of the Psalms. actually, I would like to have all of His writings. I Love him too!


  1. I love the Biblical numbering system. It seems so natural and I see it in action literally everywhere I go, whether it be on someones licence plate, random numbers at certain times, or an individual address. It is as if Almighty is alerting me through these numbers at all times. A fascinating aspect of everyday reality.

    My address numbers spiritually read: universal, perfection, at one, with the fruits of the spirit. It is also of note that this address is not a postal address, it is set apart, one of the few houses I’ve ever seen where this occurs. Instead I am required to use a post office box. Now this address is different, it reads: man, the house, and grace. It shows thatI have a different relationship with the outside world than my own actual spiritual relationship with Almighty.

    The more I watch the gathering of the 6s the more I see this as the falling away spoken of at these end times. This is interesting in that a gathering is actually a falling away. The opposite also seems to be true in the spiritual, the gathering of the 7ed is actually a separation into a secret place, individually apart from the 6s.

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      • First of all, no it is not me. I only speak as I am moved by The Most High. So all glory goes to Yahweh.
        Second, I am being inspired to both teach and speak publicly. I have in the past, but my situation has not allowed it again until very recently – last week in fact. At this point, I am now open to resume life in a more public manner.

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      • Ain’t that the truth! It appears that the hiding and fear part is over. The trick now is to abide in Almighty in such a fashion as to be the true spirit and power of Elijah.
        The spirit of prophecy is none other than the Spirit of Christ working through the vessel.

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      • It certainly is. In His full Spirit… to the point of experiencing what it is to be like Him.
        “We will see him as He is, for we will be like Him (1 John 3:2).”

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      • Some have a real problem with this because it has been hammered into their heads that we are humans and cannot be as Elohim.
        This idea seems directly contrary to Scripture. Both David and Yeshua admit that our intended place is, “Ye are gods.” (John 1034, Psalm 82:6).
        What exactly does it mean to become Sons and Daughter of God than becoming of the same nature. That is what Elohim has envisioned for us.
        I cannot fathom why we keep denying this gift and holding ourselves back. He’s just holding it out there. 2 Corinthians 6:18.

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      • I believe that the Sons of God, the Sons of Zadok, the Sons of oil, are the move of God right now. if the resistance that we see is any indication, there will be relatively few…

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      • People have been improperly indoctrinated according to the spirit of this world and not according to the Spirit of Christ. This leaves them searching for an excuse, an alibi, but not a solution (soulution). Humanity eats this up because it doesn’t mess with their inherent corruption. They do see it getting ugly later on. They just marvel in how easy it is to bask in a lie.
        Funny, because the truth is even easier, but what a narrow way it is…

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      • I just lost my last comment to you, before I clicked send. frustrated with the computer today. it was about generational stubbornness. and what to do or not to do. I will walk in the Spirit. not in the flesh. mine or theirs. when it does get ugly, ugh! they will not be in good shape!

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      • Go back into my response on the sidebar that you were responding to. It is still there. This happens to me all the time, especially on longer replies.
        When you see it, scroll down, click in, and you can finish it. 🙂

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      • I can’t find it. I can’t even remember what I was saying. maybe this: a person would need to know of their generational stubbornness. then they can acknowledge it and repent. I have never believed that deliverance can come before repentance. do you agree?

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      • Totally. Repentance always precedes deliverance. We have to open the door before anything is allowed to come in.

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      • I agree. also it won’t be good for all of those that are indoctrinating according to the level of their own stubbornness. or according to the spirit of the world, and not according to the Spirit of God.

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      • There was a prayer situation, it was years ago.
        When I first started praying for additional gifting, it was added successively, one gift following another. So I kept asking.
        At one point, as I prayed for an increase of a gift I had already been assured I had, the Spirit spoke to me. It said, “Look, you’ve already been promised this. Your continued asking is actually a denial of what you already have.” Once the seed is planted, it just grows. Mustard is like that.
        So to answer. It’s there. Are they open to receive it? That is the question. We cannot implant it by praying for them if this is not in alignment with Yahweh’s will.
        When Yahweh prompts it will. When we are inspired to do so, as Yahweh, it will. But just praying for a closed door will not. We have to be one with Yahweh’s Spirit before entering into prayer. These prayers either get in the way, or bounce off the ceiling and nothing more.
        We want to help, however it is up to the individual to awaken and align.

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