7 is talking loud and clear…we are coming up on 70 years…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the generations…

. this seems to be a marathon today.

. God has given me the blessing of such rest and restoration this week.

. …but I cannot stay there.

. He always puts the ‘burr under the saddle’, so I will run. He always brings the chafing of the hairy garment, so I will prophesy. so they that read it will run…write the vision and make it plain…so that they that read it may run…

. this blog. not here for casual glancing, but for the documenting of the eternal. the perpetual. now. in this life.

. this is fearful today. I tremble as I write.

. this must be written, posted and published today. I don’t know all the reasons why.

. it doesn’t matter if this post is read with the natural eye.

. it doesn’t matter if this post is understood by the natural mind.

. 2 or three witnesses in the Spirit is all that is needed.

. I will take a spirulina and write.

. I hope you will take a spirulina and read.

. personal references are given only to make a necessary point.

. we are coming up on 7o years from the beginning of the Latter Rain Revival.

. the charismatic revival was only an off shoot.

. Bullinger on 70: a combination of 2 of the perfect numbers…7 and 10. their product exhibits the significance of each in an intensified form. 7 x 10 signifies perfect spiritual order carried out with all spiritual power and significance. both Spirit and order are greatly emphasised. including other things, it is the number specially connected with Jerusalem.

. the revival that started across the earth in 1947-1948, started at Elim Bible College in Canada. if my memory serves me right.

. the churches are strewn with those that rejected that revival. we can look at the churches and see where that rebellion has brought them. nowhere. they never received any more truth. like every revival, during the church age, it ran out of time. it was time for a new thing. God has and will always move on. those that rejected the new thing, and would not accept the messianic revival, have never received any more truth. they are just saying the same things over and over.

. the internet is strewn with those that publish their misunderstanding and misrepresenting and their preconceived ignorance of, or their rebellion against, that revival.

. I was there. my root is in this revival. my children, natural and spiritual, have their root in this revival.

. 1947. my mother received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at old Brother Fullers mission in downtown El Paso. I was sitting on her lap. I was 3 years old. I remember the night.

. that is the time when I began playing her coffee table as my piano. I played the finish completely off of that coffee table. I could hear every note, every instrument, every melody, every harmony, in every song that I played.

. this revival was a revival of worship. prophetic worship. it split every pentecostal church in the nation. we were privileged to be in 2,3,4 hour worship services. just standing and singing and worshiping Him. prophetic songs were sung. prophetic praise was offered. prophetic dancing was given. prophetic utterance was spoken.

. in our case when I was very young, in that city, the elders put our pastor out of his own church, and voted the church into a pentecostal denomination. we went to have services in his home with a small group. I noticed all of my life, in that city, in that revival, including our own congregation, the attendance was never over 200.

. glory. His glory. we basked in His glory. we worshiped Him and basked in His glory.

. pregnant or not, little children or not (sometimes my oldest son, as a little 3,4, year old boy, would come and sit on the piano bench with me, watching over me. I think to strengthen himself and me), Becki, keeping one little brother after another on the front row, then eventually singing and leading with us. singers and musicians. leading God’s people in praise and worship. for hours I have played the piano or the organ. lost in Jesus, hearing every note, every instrument, every melody, every harmony in every song that I played. unaware of blisters forming and breaking, and bleeding on my fingers. caught up in the Spirit of worship. prophetic worship.

. I carried the Song in that city for exactly 25 years.

. we are coming up on 70 years since the beginning of the latter rain revival.

. 1947-48. 2017-18.

. those that accepted or rejected that revival, themselves, their children, have mostly died off.

. their  posterity remains. for good or for bad. for judgement or for blessing.

. at 70 years. a reviving, a restoring, of true worship is coming down from heaven into the earth. a gathering in the Spirit, of worshipers. these are the Sons. walking and singing and worshiping in the Spirit of Sonship. worshiping Him, from the throne. king/priests. a royal, ruling priesthood. ruling and reigning with Him, falling down before Him, worshiping Him. Sons of God. Sons of oil. Sons of Zadok. Sons of Israel.

. there will not be a reviving of the catholic pattern of worship; which is the church pattern. disorder.

. there will be a reviving of the eternal, perpetual, prophetic, pattern of worship. the eternal, perpetual, prophetic, pattern of worship that has and is and will be. from the beginning through eternity. divine order. by the Spirit of God. perfect spiritual order. carried out with all spiritual power and significance. Spirit and order greatly emphasised.

. we will live in the eternal, perpetual order and pattern now. it makes no difference to us. we live and move and have our being in the eternal now, and just step across to the other side and do the same thing, when the time comes.

. as we have seen from the book of The Revelation, true worship brings judgement.

. seeds of obedience and disobedience have been sown. seeds of blessing and judgement have been sown. they are ripe and full and ready to reproduce now. in the posterity. for blessing or for judgement.

. generational stubborness. generational disobedience. rejection of God. the recognition of it and the repentance of it must be made. now. repentance and prayer and supplication like Daniel made. in Daniel 9.

. hurry fast. this train is pulling out of here.

. an old song:

. The move is on, my Lord, the move is on. the move is on , my Lord the move is on.

. I can hear the rustle of the mulberry trees, and I know, I know, I know, the move is on.

. Move on brother, move on sister, this is the moving day.

. Move a little closer, to the gates of Glory! move on, brother move on.

. 7 is talking loud and clear.

. I will publish this at 7.

. listen.



12 thoughts on “7 is talking loud and clear…we are coming up on 70 years…

  1. We had a female worship leader at Sar Shalom in St. Paul Minnesota. She was definitely prophetic. Her name was Nancy. When the song service would begin, the Ruach would blow through the place. We could see it rippling through the banners, though the windows weren’t open. The ceiling fans would not normally ripple the banners. The Ruach would go through the tribes indicating messages for certain ones. The first night I was there, it went through my tribe, Levi. My name means priest – not Catholic, but Jewish.
    We are also coming up on 70 years for Israel as well. I’ve never heard about the outpouring on Elim. Those are some very interesting dates. I’ll have to check into that one.
    70, 7×10, perfect completion. The crossing over is beginning now. I am very curious how this is all going to play out, but in a certain sense I can already feel it and know.
    All are calling themselves to the Mount of the Congregation.

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    • My children’s father was the singer. we ALL thought that he was the one leading the worship. a great big, strong, beautiful voice. I hid somewhat behind the piano. (when He was taken out by the elders, my oldest son stepped up in his place without a bleep on the radar screen) I didn’t know until a few years ago that it was me that….I only stepped up into those places, I thought, by default. I have a grandson named Levi…how did you come to know that you are Levi? I am of Zebulun…in the end, he takes some from each tribe as priests…this is so exciting…the plot thickens…

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      • The music there was excellent as well. There was one guitar player that Nancy would invite from time to time. He was scruffy, almost homeless, but man could he tickle the strings. Emotion just flew off his fingertips. It was a very holy feeling when those two were present. There were more. It was usually a full band, but those two stood out as anointed for the work.
        Levi is my calling. I was renamed part way through my life according to this calling. My original name used to mean warrior and I had the spirit to prove it. I’ve always been a king as I come from royal lineage. … a humble commonplace king. 🙂 I think I like my present position the best, a priest/king. I can live with that.

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      • my name mean bitter. the bitter herb that is necessary. myrrh, Smyrna, pain killer, etc. it has been hard to live with that. I accept it now. my middle name means light. we had a full band. very anointed musicians and singers… each tribe. so necessary to make up the whole. the gates. wonderful teaching on each one.

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      • There’s a little bitter herb in every Passover. However, that is also the healing element. And so it is, when we struggle it makes us strong – pain killer. There has been much bitter herbs, metaphorically speaking, over the years. There has been many victories and healing on their heels as well.
        Light is a good middle name. Just for fun, mine is Elohim’s protection.
        My last name means wanderer. So it is. It seems like I’m wandering here until I arrive HOME.
        It sounds like you had a very awesome band.

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      • we did. some of the best. guitar player. bass player. drummer. singers. it was such a shock to all of us to lose that. but it was over. period. we (I) had to come out. we (I) didn’t really know the extent of what had happened. it took years for me to understand…I don’t think they understand, even to this day…that was in 93,94. oh well…

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      • Very interesting. We must have been listening to the same voice. That is exactly when we came out once and for all. It seemed like it couldn’t happen fast enough. I remember being so grateful to have our membership removed, and just being free of the whole thing.

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