7 candlesticks. 7 churches. 7 angels. completed. 7nd. now comes…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: him that repents…

To: him that overcometh…

. there is an acceleration in the Spirit of God tonight. a bearing down. a going on. a moving on.

. I can only speak for myself and this blog: I believe that the Spirit of God will only speak in this blog to and about and concerning the completed Church Age a little while longer. we are still counting the omer to Shavout. Passover, Pentecost. connected by the 50 days. June 12. we will make our offering to the Lord. new grain…I believe there is coming a change.

. the book of The Revelation opens with the Lord unveiling the divine mysteries. making known to His servants things which must shortly come to pass. sent and signified by His angel unto His servant John.

. when we open the book (KJV and Amplified), we see that John is in the Spirit. we hear, through John, a great voice like the calling of a war trumpet: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. Write promptly what you see. send it to the 7 churches…John turns…on turning he sees 7 candlesticks…in the midst of the candlesticks, One like the Son of Man…

. the 7 candlesticks are 7 churches.

. the 7 stars are the 7 angels, messengers, pastors, of the 7 churches.

. the letters were to be written to the angels, the messengers, the pastors of the churches.

. to the 5: …I have somewhat against thee…I have a few things against thee…not withstanding I have a few things against thee…thou art dead…doctrine of Balaam… Nicolaitanes…Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth…thou suffereth that woman Jezebel…I gave her space to repent…she repented not…the things that remain…ready to die… hold fast and repent…be zealous therefore and repent…lukewarm…spue you out of my mouth…repent or else I will come unto thee quickly and remove thy candlestick…I stand at the door and knock…to him that overcometh I will give to thee the tree of life…to him that overcometh I will give to eat of the hidden manna…to him that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, to him I will give power over the nations…to he that overcometh I will give white raiment, not blot his name out…him that overcometh will I make a pillar…to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne…

. with the 2, Smyrna and Philadelphia, He found no fault.

. Revelation 4. the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months…I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days…these are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the whole earth…

. Zechariah 4. the menorah, the 7 fold Holy Spirit, the God of the whole earth. then I said to him (the angel), what are these two olive trees…? then a second time I said unto him, What are these two olive branches…?  knowest thou not what these be? no, my Lord. then said he. These are the two sons of oil, the two anointed ones, that stand before the Lord of the whole earth…

. there has come, and is even coming, out of the completed church age, a company of overcomers. Sons. a Sonship company. Sons of oil. Sons of Zadok. Sons of Israel. 12 out of the 12. 12 speaks of governmental perfection. a ruling priesthood. ruling and reigning with Him from the throne. they minister to Him. they worship Him. they stand before the throne, day and night. in the dual office of king/priest. before the Lord, the God of the whole earth.

. they are caught up in the Spirit to God and His throne. they sit down together with Yeshua in these heavenly places, as He sits down together with His Father in His throne. they worship Him there. they lead worship to Him from there. the glassy sea follows suit.

. they look just like Yeshua. they have been changed. they have been conformed to His image. formed, moulded, by the Heavenly Sculptor Himself. everything that is not Yeshua has been cut away. nothing left but Him. Him who is the express image of our Father God. they are king/priests, king/servants. lion/ox. they are natural men that carry the divine prophetic seeing of God. they have the testimony of Yeshua, which is the Spirit of prophecy. they prophesy. man/eagle.

. out of the candlestick age to the throne.

. overcomers.


14 thoughts on “7 candlesticks. 7 churches. 7 angels. completed. 7nd. now comes…

  1. There is a sense in the two metaphorical churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia that remain, that these churches represent characteristics of individuals, much like characteristics often define belonging to one of the tribes.
    It appears that the delineation between these two churches may actually be the coming out of actual congregations or not. It seems as if those that are categorized as Smyrna have stayed in their respective congregations as things come down. The churches themselves are dead, but certain individuals are not. It is the commingling at this late date that seems to prevent Yahweh’s protection on Smyrna.
    Philadelphia is the opposite. These appear to be wholly in the secret place. It is a time of rest. The waves have subsided. The sea of glass rests before them.

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  2. Early on inour training and equipping phase( which continues throughout life here) we were first shown the 7 candles and two of them lit and burning. Sometime later and much pruning and growth there were four candles lit. Some time after at the intensity of growth(with considerable pain and suffering) the 7 became lit.

    Than we were sent to discover how to follow him along with seeing him move in mighty ways. All of this is a process to go from his permissable will(ugh we thought we were already there) to closer to his perfect will……. this was when he began sending us.

    In examining those who got sent they carried an apostolic-prophetic aspect in their calling…… which came only with his anointing. Also some degree of his power and authority. Healing, casting out demons, revealing his manifod wisdom to the principalaties and powers of the air…… all aspects of walking in sonship as oppossed to slavery.

    This is a mere snapshot of expereincing the 7 spirits of God.


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      • get to SLGand if so led invest in the sonship cd set. Than surf to sam soleyn and view his FREE downloads particurlarly involving all of his materials…… no particular order just be led and ready for a paradigm shift from both sources.

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  3. Was told by our King be still and quiet for a little while till things “blow over” as in all meduims there is an undercurrnet of the spirit of Ishmael stirring ….. even in the ” Christian domain. Was led to a team working to prepare for the little book in Rev 10 and thy have one of the best looks forward except they are under attack as a result of the 70 as noted in ezekiel 8….. who hold the keys to all of the versions of the bible as well as all of the other world religions for that matter which permeate the cultures and nations of the world. If led to check them out you can enter via this site…. Repeat they are in part correct and till they are synchronzed to the timing in Rev 10 some of the work is speculative and subject to change. wife and I were clalled along side to get a taste of the warfare and to discover the context of Rev 10.
    Be ready to see Yeshua as king over all of the nations and the silliness of man using his own versions of the bible while He has continued to use it to identify and seal the tribes of Israel through these core initial naions who have all established their own versions globally.. If led to go deep in to the material you may see how really the organized church is not just lost without the Holy spirit but has also been co-poted by the leaders of the core 13 nations as listed on the site.
    If shown the depth of this material what you will see is that these core nations are merely actng out their degenerate tribal characteristics on the world stage.
    nations are

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  4. Cont.

    Nations which are listed are the Isaac covenant nations. Of course there are also Ishmael nations as well.All are the props on the global stage to be transformed by our King at the appointed time.Alao you will get a sense of timing as to where we are on the revelation timeline ….. approaching rev 10.

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  5. Context for the historical picture of the sealed book which Daniel sealed.
    So the children chose not to go up in to the presence of God. They as a result remqained slaves and failed to be transformed to SONS.

    So when slaves write and publish the workings of God they are subject to being molded and shaped by the wind as well as those in charge of overseeing them.

    Moses dlegated his second tier of workings to the 70 while he was in the tent with Yah as Joshua sat outside bsking in the presence.

    Scoping out from this the 70 since they began first writing the workings have chaqnged the Hebrew alphabet 26 times. It is now called the modern Hebrew. each change has left room for those who followed tointerpret and transliterate it so as to fit their cultures( Read Constantine and Luther et al).

    THis same 70 Ezekiel was shown in 8 after they have been slaves for centuries( read Sanhedrin).

    These along with the world leaders scattered throughout these core natrions are the elite who control the copywrites to the bibles.

    All of this of course was known by our King and used in wisdom to set the world stage for his releaseof the little scroll and the ” House being finally able to seen by the House” Show the house to the house as in Ezekiel. The House is made up of his tribes as well as the New Jerusalem which like them is undergoing construction in the universe which is another topic all together.

    AHHHH Wisdom of our King!

    after all it is indeed wisdom which builds the house!!!!

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    • I replied to your comment this morning. somehow it went to the replies on Tony’s blog, under ‘cut it out’. I am sending this reply from the above comment. I hope this one gets to you. Neither Tony nor I understand the mix up.


      • Got it…..Cuple of intial revs. His word states he will reinstate the priestly lines.The oneof particular significance as you know is the Zadok priesthood.These were the only ones who remained faithful to King David. Since he will be…. is restoring David’s fallen tent this Priesthood has been in play nor for at least fiveorsix years as we have observed. The Levitical line is also in play especialy as those who were assigned various aspects in and around the Tabernacle. Eachof the three famlies who were chosen all played and will play a particular role the closer we get to New Jerusalem.
        Bout 5 years bck Yeshua kept whispering to mein the erly AM Gershon, Gershon.Tookmy thick skull and oppressed spirita few weeks to catch his drift. Than was directed to fast. He knows me well as I inquired which kind of a fast and how long. seonds later he said the same one he put Aaron and sons on via Moses. It was to sanctify the Priestly lines. I at the time was some what proudful of my Jewish roots which go back through Rabbi’s. After the 7th day of the fast he opens up the spirit realm to show us that I was wearing a gold necklace…… similar to the ones which the Pharoah’sin the day were giving out to those who bowed down in order to recieve what is known as a Jereboam or a Reheboam priesthood. Today it would be equivelant to a “leader,.pastor etc. hanging on his office wall the certificate of graduation from his seminary. If you dig deeply in the word there are two ordinations…. one of man with ink and the other from Yah with an anointing.
        SoI jumpedon my face to vigorously apply what we knmow as the 4 R’s. Repent,renounce, reject and askto releaseallof the blockedblessings which have accrued over the time so that my physical and spiritual seed get the blessings for a 1000 genertions( also in the word.after I wasled to Ezekiel be shown the roots of the Hebrew lines via Abraham

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      • Ezek 43:10 is one of themost mis understood passages. we were led to see how it will play out…or so we believe. We cannt seeit unfold through the bibleswe all have today. One of the primary catalitic pieces to this is the little book. As mentioned he Hebrew alphabet has changed 26 times since Ezra’s days. This can be seen in Ezra 4 when the tribe of Judah’s hands who were the scribes of the tribes were weakened by a decree from the King. When hands of scribes get weakened it throws things off, couple this with the already sealed book and everything gets muddled. The lost and hidden alphabet is a almost the same as the Hebrew. When the littlebook arrives it willcontain this hidden alphabet. The House is made up of the people or Sons of God along with the components as described in Ezekiel. The shame is revealed when the Hebrew people see the wall and it’s message inscribed on it in the original Hebrew. It will inform them as to whqat they have done to the Messiah and at the same timeshow them tht they have residence in New Jerusalem.

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  6. As for the mix up in responses. If you dig deeply in the word using the Romans 12:4-7 as a master grid and spread across allof the 7’s through the bible you will run across the 7 heads of the Leviathan spirit. each head effects one of the elements of narture. The 5th head effects sound and electronics. This one when possessing a negative charge will turn and twist words and communications. When you either send or receive electronic communcationsit will often times get lost or waylaid. If one has any amount of this gift operating in the negative it legally opens them up to both the Leviathian as well as the Jezebel family of spirits.The Lev. was initially part of the packageof things from the 5th day of creation and Yah had blessed it( seacreatures and fish, birds etc) We possess the capacity to bless these so as to re instate them to their original blessing and proper operation as Yah intended.The Jezfamily(thinkof them as the puppets and Belil the puppetmaster) all family( Jez, Ahab and Athiliah) operates under Belial and one of it’s components deals with time.King David defiled timein severalinstances resulting in a loss of momentum. Of significance was while he was on the run he and his men carried the presenceof Yah which was a blessing to the territory. Nabal was the ruler of the territory and refused to acknowledge david resulting in him getting in the flesh tomarch and kill all of the folks under Nabal. when he did this he defiledhimself,the land he marched across as well as his own men…… He also defiled time….. a commodity Yah invented. The territorial spirit who dominated Nabal( stingy and an opposite of the 5th gift in Romans) Giver recoiled against David who than defiled time. The enemy of our souls uses this one in the courts of heaven to argue and block anointings and revelation not to mention momentum.
    a test to know about this 5th gift todetermine if it is negativeis todo a selfexam. Do you ever or have ever owned rather than steward. Ifit is about owning chqances it is operating in the negative. These critters gain access to us via the generations so often timeswe have inheritated them which is an almost effortlesshealing with the Master if so led?

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  7. btw primary reason so many will not or cannot see the nfolding of the 7th day as you shared is in Isaiah 29. As you will see itis all about Jacob’s family being restored or the tribes of Israelincluding Ishmael. Once the precepts of man are exposed and the little scroll appears than New Jersalemreally begins in earnes to take shape. It is all in the sealed book which gets unsealed in the little book.
    Mainreson why so many fail to see or recognize these things is pride which is a co dependant element of religion…. all being handily manipulated by the &70 in ezekiel 8 which our King has so handily left in place so as to accomplish his global goal over the nations as well as his eternal inheritance………. the sons of Yah who eceive thefinalmandate s spokenin Rev 10 to “go again to the nations”

    The little book will be providing the light which is spoken of in Isaiah 49.6, which attract nations and restore Jacob.

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