I have to come all the way back in…to 7…up to Carmel…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the prophetic ones…

. the Spirit of Elijah is here.

. I am only one of many of you, that carry that endtime prophetic Spirit. the prophetic. hidden in caves, sustained more and more as the years have passed, by the Eternal, Perpetual, Spirit of worship.

. you know who you are. I know who I am.

. each one of us can only do our part.

. this is mine to speak this morning:

. the Jezebel spirit chased me to this place.

. in great suffering and depression and heartache, in the travail of my soul.

. running. hiding.

. but what the devil meant for our harm, to destroy us, the Lord has turned for our good, to increase us.

. now, the Lord has said: “What doest thou here, Elijah?”

. “Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord…

. …the Lord was not in the wind. the Lord was not in the earthquake. the Lord was not in the fire.

. but the Lord…in a still small voice…

. a second time: “What doest thou here, Elijah?”

. “Go, return…anoint Hazael, king over Syria…anoint Jehu, king over Israel: and anoint Elisha, prophet in thy room. the Tanach says: anoint Elisha…to succeed you as prophet.

. Whoever escapes…Hazael will be slain by Jehu, whoever escapes…Jehu shall be slain by Elisha. I will leave in Israel only 7 thousand-every knee which has not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

. there is coming the double anointing of the first born Son on every one of you prophetic ones that will stay the course with Elijah.

. there is coming the double! a double portion of the Spirit of Elijah! Elisha!

. succeed. Websters. to go up, follow after, succeed. to go. to come next after another in office, or position, or in possession of an estate. to inherit sovereignty, rank, or title. to pass to a person by inheritance. to follow in sequence and esp. immediately. to come after as heir or successor.

. the anointing is getting ready to double. on all of those that will stay the course with Elijah. the Lord will have the 7. the 7 thousand. a myriad of spiritual perfection, in Israel, after all. He will have a virgin company. all those that have not bowed their knee to Baal and every mouth that hath not kissed him. the mantle will fall from Elijah, from the chariot of God. on the Sons. they will carry a double, firstborn anointing.

. what does this mean? what are you saying Lord? what do you want of me Lord? how do I stay the course with Elijah?

. …and Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees, (not necessarily a natural position of the body. this, in the Spirit, is the birthing position)…

. and he said to his servant, Go up now, look toward the sea…he went up…there is nothing…he said…Go again. 7 times. and it came to pass at the 7th time…he said: Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea…and it came to pass in the mean while…heaven was black with clouds, with wind…there was a great rain…the hand of the Lord was upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran…

. what does this mean? what is He saying? what must we do?.

. get thee up to Carmel. to the mountain of the Lord…


. Shavuot begins on the evening of June 11, 2016.

. I am going up to the mountain of the Lord until then.

. I will write as the Lord leads me.

. please comment as the Lord leads you.

. I can only reply as the Lord leads me.



29 thoughts on “I have to come all the way back in…to 7…up to Carmel…

  1. The period you’ve honed in on here regarding Elijah is the present period. It has once again come around in the cycles. The birthing,the cloud, the running before kings, it is all a part of the time we are entering. Shavuot is a fitting time in which to go upon the mountain. We will need that mantle, that double portion.

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  2. I have just taken a severe blow from the enemy of my soul. I’m here by myself, except God is with me. I thank you for your witness and your encouragement. I say to you this morning as my witness. I stay the course.


  3. We have just recently had some intercession arrive. If you are so led get in to the presence and ask that all of the time of all of your ancestors be cleansed/ sanctified(apply the 4 R’srepent renounce rejectand release all blocked blessings across each and every generation who endured fear- instilledfearin to others leading to a failure to trust Yah.
    If clear than lay out each and every contemporary span of time where you had personally been driven by fear or endured trauma. These bandsoftime are spiritually connected to emotions. These emotions representmoments,days weeks and often timemonths where we were driven off and away frombearing down to trust Yah.Eack emotion alsogetsrecordedby that particlar territory so after cleansing we can cut ourselves away from the attached ley lines to us via the web which isused to network against us.
    Belial who is the puppeteer over the Jezfamily uses these( both generationally s well as in our own lives to gain access to send members of the Jez family to attack and take us off the task at hand.
    Another acccess point which may be deep in the ancestry line( or even in your contemporary life) may be ancestors who walked in the ways of an Ahab spirit.
    Jez requires an Ahab to maintain access to attack us as well. Same for Jez as this one does not only lodge itselfin the females but also the males.
    Once we were cleared of these ourselves when we would get in the proximity of them they would manifest themselves. In deliverence mininstry when this happens it becomes fair game and than we will be instructed to cast them out. This entire domain all fits squarely in to the 5th church of revelation. The operative word with this whole space is tolerate.This is one of our nemesis favorite legal cases he argues against us in the courts of heaven.

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    • I have done much of this. this week, the Jezebel showed up. literaly. I had also mentioned this spirit in a recent post. that must be where this has come from. I appreciate this so much. I will go over all of this again and check again. thank you


      • Have you had any discernment pertaining to ley lines and soul ties(objects- touch stones etc connected to items in/ on property)? Have you ever anointed the corners of your property and asked for exposure and an increaseof discernment so as to discover any openings you may have still?

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      • Wehad to do an exit stage left from FB as it was thick
        with occultic connections and was requiring a constantlevelof maintenence whichexceeded it’s value. Others may have better results but not us

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      • I know this to be true. these are my natural and spiritual children that have chosen to be connected to him, and not to me. many of them live here. the Lord told me to not hide anymore. that is why I went to facebook. I have been hidden for 22 years from that city, but only a few years from him and those that have chosen him. I don’t even get out and go into town anymore, because I don’t want to see them. I trust that God will direct me today. again, I thank you for your help.


      • Realm isbecoming higher and higher risk sensitive….. unless we get a memo( dream,word,visionetc.) with witnessing to follow we sit and wait.He has much more for you to have you huddled in the cave. Stay on Course!

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      • If soledIam toforward you a packetvia e-mail.Itaddressesthe domainof7’across the bible. It will reveal that there may be ancestral access via the midianite and cananaite curse. The graph will also show you each of the 7 curses against your birthrite. Has also, strongholds, etc.renunciations and blessings available so as to empower you to walkout your full destiny and move closer to your birthrite.This packet address the fractals of 7’s throughout the bible.IbelieveIwasgiven that itisthe midianite cursewhich is in play giving clearand unfettered access. Please pray in to this more and if led will forward to you.
        We will be taking a breakfor a few hours and will be on line than.

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  4. when praying ask that any known or unknown instances be removed. These often times will be masked via the emotions and buried and covered deeply in the recess of timein the folds of unpleasent memeories

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  5. btw do astudy on midianites to see howeach yearatharvest timethey stoke the hebrew crops. thishappened all within the same span of time……time is a factor. spread time across the entire book and see all ofit’s corollary aspects and you will paralell the4th church and 4th day of creation.

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    • I don’t know how to moderate a comment. my daughter-in-law is coming to show me. I want to tell you how thankful I am for your help yesterday. I went through a rough time. that ‘certain’ spirit was so strong against me. all day. I almost failed. your exortation helped me greatly. “stay the course!” you said. I read it over and over. when I finally heard what it was, I cried out to the Lord in repentance. He heard me. I am going to look into every suggestion that you gave me. when my daughter-in-law comes, I will moderate your comment. thank you, again. God’s blessings on you and yours.


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