From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: Philadelphia

. the scribe that hears ‘It’, and writes ‘It’, has to eat ‘It’, first.

. yesterday, as I was writing ‘It’, maybe I failed to eat ‘It’, first.

. my human spirit within me almost failed.

. an: always waiting in the wings, looking for a place to come in, Jezebel spirit, tried to come in on me.

. because of, the opening being, human love that hurts within me 24/7.

. the Lord, as I have told you before, always asks of me the thing that I cannot do.

. He has asked of me many things concerning human love that I couldn’t do.

. He has enabled me by His Spirit always, to do it, and to live through it, all the while teaching me to Love Him. first.

. this ‘Process Of Love’ that has gone on within me for so many years (I’m a hard nut to crack), has been a preparation for this coming time.

. this blog is involved.

. my part, the part that is mine to do in this time, is involved. I can only do my part.

. Philadelphia and Smyrna are involved.

. The Love Revival is involved. not human love for one another, but Loving Him. first. then Philadelphia comes from that perfected Love. the Love of God. which brings the peace of God, that passes all understanding.

. the 7th day kingdom, the 7th day house, and it’s priesthood, are involved.

. the 7th day pattern of worship (which is really the original, Eternal, Perpetual, pattern), is involved.

. yesterday, I almost stumbled.

. yesterday, I almost couldn’t stay the course.

. today, I stay the course.

. today, I don’t look back, but forward.

. today, it’s about everyday, falling in Love with Jesus all over again. first.

. today, it’s about Loving one another. second.

. Philadelphia is rising up from that.



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  1. David means loving. Not our limited love, but the operation of all that Yahweh actually is. Operating in limitlessness – the keys to the kingdom.

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