caught by his daddy!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those getting ready to be ‘caught by their Daddy!’

. my grandaughter is a midwife. when I posted this last post about Sonship, I went to facebook to check it there. my dear granddaughter had told of a birth. a fast birth. she didn’t get there in time. the child came fast. he was ‘caught by his daddy.’

. there is a Son coming forth. I believe it is now! even though it has taken some of us a lifetime and generations, it will be a ‘fast birth’ now! Pentecost! the birth of the church age. the birth of the kingdom age??? no time for more preparation. no time for more labour, and pain and travail. no time for more waiting! Sons! Sonship! manifested! revealed! birthed! not to worry! we’re being caught by our Daddy!


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