Levi. smoldering embers…hidden…Part 1.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will judge with righteous judgement…

To: those that will again go through the camp of Israel with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God…

To: those that will again judge golden calf worship, no matter where it is found, in son or in brother…

To: those that will have to accept the result of that judgement…

To: Levi.

. I have seen the Father stand up and move across the whole earth.

. I still carry that move within me.

. my natural and spiritual children still carry that move within them.

. hidden. in smoldering embers. deep within the spirit. not seen or heard with natural eyes or natural ears.

. I saw it again yesterday. I heard it again yesterday. I recognized it again yesterday.

. it matters not to me if it is manifested to natural eyes and ears in 2016, 2017, 2018.

. I have already seen it, heard it, recognized it. yesterday. it is here.

. I am sorry to say this morning, but I have also seen every single move of God, without fail, with my own eyes, since 1947-48, Israel, on their way to becoming what God intended for them to be, STOP.

. to worship the golden calf.

. it is ALWAYS the case with Israel. every time Israel starts to move, to become what God intends for them to be, Aaron ALWAYS says: “What? Who, Me? they made me do it! they brought me their offerings! Out Came This Golden Calf!”

. look around out there. isn’t it so?

. God’s intent: a kingdom of priests.

. Israel failed. they stopped to worship gold.

. God chose a tribe instead.

. how, why, were they chosen? how, why, were they separated out to become the priests of the Most High God? a holy priesthood in holy garments? allowed to come into His Presence? allowed to minister to Him? on behalf of themselves and the nation? how? why?

. because they judged the worship of gold.

. with the sword of the Spirit the Word of God. no matter where it was found. in son. or in brother.

. that is how. that is why.

. judgement is a strange, living, entity. a living, moving boomerang.

. boomerang. Websters: a bent or angular throwing club which can be thrown so as to return near the starting point. an act or utterance that backfires on it’s originator. boomerang.

. Levi stood up and judged. he was zealous for God. that was God’s plan for him. God caused him to judge the love of money. no matter where it was found. even to experience the utter heartbreak of having to judge it in son or brother. suffering the loss…

. God was teaching Levi to Love Him. first.

. God was teaching Levi to forsake houses and lands, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, God was teaching Levi to forsake all, to follow Him, whithersoever He goeth…

. Levi has no earthly inheiritance. he has no property of his own. he has a priestly portion separated off for him. he has no cupboard of his own. he eats the holy portion separated from the Lord’s offering. he has no provision of his own. he lives on the holy portion separated off for him…

. the judgement came back on it’s originator. just like it always does. just like it was intended to. boomerang.

. that judgement still works in a true Levite today. it keeps Levi dependent on God. he accepts it. he embraces it. he allows it to work for his own good. it keeps Levi. it holds Levi. it keeps Levi safe from the thing that would destroy him. the thing that always destroys Israel. the thing that has destroyed every move of God.

. the head and the root of the world system.

. the root of all evil.

. the love of money.


13 thoughts on “Levi. smoldering embers…hidden…Part 1.

  1. In the past I’ve worried about money. But it has not been that way lately.
    I shared a dream the other day in a recent post of mine. In it, my wife and I were climbing a spire and were nearly at the top when met by Yeshua.
    There we went through a ceremony preparatory to reaching the summit. We laid on our backs on the rock, in turn, and were lifted in a electromagnetic blue cloud to the level of Christ’s upward palms at elbow level as he stood there. Once this was done, we resumed our climb.
    I believe this means that we are not to count on money in the moves ahead. Christ will just lift us. He will supply. We just need to finish that which we have started in His Spirit. We just need to finish what the sons of Levi began.

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    • I was inconsolable about money for 20 years, when it started, I still had 2 boys to raise. but now, it doesn’t matter any more. I see the purpose of it. it is the priesthood. i,m just now learning to relish in it!?! an interesting note: Doeg was the one that killed the priests. doeg means anxiety. agreed. He is beginning to lift us up and out of and and over the anxiety that comes to destroy us. we will finish what was started in Levi. our destination: the throne. that’s where Levi is headed! how exciting can it get??? I’ve never heard any of this before it’s all new!

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      • Out of the treasury comes things both new and old…
        Behold I will do a new thing…
        You must prophesy again…
        There’s a new economy coming without money. The priests must usher it in.

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      • I just read through Ez. 2&3. Eating the scroll, chapter 2 (like Rev. 10) and the noise of the creatures and the wheels in chapter 3.
        I imagine the sound of the creatures and the wheels moving to be a sound not unlike what I am currently experiencing.
        It makes one wonder…

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      • talk about the plot thickening, I have a story to tell about Ezek. 2 and 3. notice how many times the Lord says in those chapters: they are a rebellious house. notice that Ezekiel heard the Merkabah leaving the house! later, he also heard the Merkabah coming back to the house! he describes it as a great rushing. rushing #7494, 7493 OT. O my.

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      • That makes so much sense. I just looked up both of these numbers in Strongs… perfect description:
        The connotations.. undulate earth and sky… shake the heavens and the earth, field of grain… harvest/shaking as in a sieve, locust… army, quake, shake, tremble…, confused noise… coming from the churches, earthquakes… abound, fierceness, quaking, rattling, rushing, shaking… a complete mirror of everything we see happening on the ground and in the sky today.

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    • those words. those words. those words…how long have the generations waited…my mother died seeing by faith…having seen afar off…now we who are alive and remain are beginning to see…thank you, Lord Jesus…thank you Lord Jesus.


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