Burn Baby Burn.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that are left standing…

To: those that have stood the test of time…

To: those that have endured…

To: those that carry the smoldering embers…deep within their spirit…hidden from natural eyes and natural ears…

To: the overcomers…

To: the Sons.


. Go on! burn white and burn bright!

run fast and travel light!

be lifted up! over the head,

of every fear and dread

of that which has come against you!


. Go on! run through this door!

run on! run on through! that’s what it’s there for!

there is so much in store

that you’ve been prepared for!

outrun that which would come against you!


. Go on! it will all make so much sense now!

all of the “what’s up with this???” suffering you’ve seen, before now!

it’s time to burn free! burn hot! for Him now!

You’ve grown to full stature! a Son now!

now. no power can succeed against you!











6 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn.

    • the new offering, the firstfruit wave offering will be offered to the Lord on the 50th day. IF this is THE year, it will be just like the book of acts. a NEW priesthood for a NEW day will be the firstfruit offering. king/priests. ready. set. go.

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      • Oh wow! I can get so excited about that. Actually I can feel it. I can feel these shifts coming about in the Spirit.
        I was told that this year was a year of release. I do follow the Jewish calendar, but as you know, there are different interpretations of them. In the end we simply have to know inside.
        I’m ready to walk into this. I suspect you are too.

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      • the pressure has been stronger and stronger the last few weeks. today it is telling pretty bad in my body. I know this and I feel this in the Spirit, along with that empath thing, where I feel EVERYTHING! it IS the year of release. we are tarrying right now. in the corporate upper room, across the earth, waiting for the promise…

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  1. Well said. I have felt the pressure build many times stronger over the last couple weeks. Satan knows his time is short and is certainly going about like a roaring lion. I wish more were not just awake but awake to as you say EVERYTHING. It is like sensing right through the universe. Taking all things into consideration at once. Difficult to describe though.

    I haven’t posted yet today. I’m not sure if I will. If I do it will be later on this afternoon or evening. There seems to be much to comprehend, much to tie up, and much to come into. I’ve been spiritually coaching all morning.

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