Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Bemidbar.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the Israel of God.

To: Levi.

To: the 12 out of the 12.

To: the royal priesthood, the holy nation.

To: the chosen generation.

To: the king/priests.

. today is the sabbath of Bemidbar. this has been a special sabbath for me, on numerous occasions.

. Bemidbar means: ‘in the wilderness’.

. the Torah reading is: Numbers 1:1-4:20.

. the prophetic reading is: Hosea 2:1-22.

. the NT reading is: Romans 9:22-23. Luke 24:50-51. Acts 1:9-11.

. the scriptures from Numbers today tell exactly what I have been writing about. I Love it when that happens!

. I quote from J.H. Hertz. The Pentateuchs And Haftorahs. edited by J.H.Hertz. second edition. Page 575.

. he is commenting on Numbers 3:7-13.

. v 7. of the whole congregation. “they (the Levites) are the messengers, or agents representing the laity of Israel at the service of the sanctuary.”

. v 9. wholly given. “lit. ‘given, given’; the repetition is emphatic, and expresses complete surrender.”

. from the children of Israel. “from amongst the children of Israel. God had decreed that the Levites should be thus separated and distinguished from the main body of Israelites.”

. v 12. instead of every first born. “The sacredness of the firstborn, and the priestly functions which they  are enjoined to perform, date from the time of the slaying of the firstborn in the land of Egypt. At the worship of the Golden Calf, the firstborn forfeited their special priestly privileges through their participation in that idolatrous worship. The Levites were chosen in their stead, in recognition of their firm and faithful stand at that hour of apostasy.”

. v 13. mine they shall be. “The Levites.”

. we are again living in an hour of apostasy.

. those that have and are participating in the apostasy of Golden Calf worship, have forfeited their special priestly privileges through their participation in that idolatrous worship.

. time is up.

. God is right now, this very day, this very hour, doing a new thing.

. good sabbath to you all.


4 thoughts on “Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Bemidbar.

  1. I understand this. It is so real as to be practically tactile. I wish it were not so, but here it is, right inside the cycles. It could not be clearer for THiS DAY.

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  2. Numbers 3:12 is absolutely fascinating. The number itself is amazing: Godhead government. But the context is out of this world: firstborn to Levites. It is thrilling how Yahweh works out His government in the spiritual.

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