Funeral Parlour.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will hear.

. the words “funeral parlour’, ‘funeral home’, came through here 3 times, from different directions, within a 12-18 hour period. It was on erev Pentecost.

. there was a tremendous spiritual battle preceding a tremendous spiritual birth that came with the words.

. a truth was hidden within the words.

. this is the truth that has come from the words:

. what is a funeral parlour?

. it is a place where dead flesh is preserved.

. in the early 1990’s, the Lord asked an intercessor in our congregation: “Would you be buried as an Egyptian or a Hebrew?”

. the Lord gave her this understanding: embalming is the Egyptian way, the world’s way. dust to dust is the Hebrew way, God’s way.

. embalm. Websters: more at balm. to treat (a dead body) so as to protect from decay. to fill with sweet odors: perfume. to protect from decay or oblivion. preserve.

. spiritually or naturally speaking, preserving dead flesh is not God’s way.

. in Hebrew thinking, as soon as the body is dead, put it in the ground. wash it and bury it within 24 hours. no fancy, sealed coffin with satin pillows. no making it look good or feel good. no pampering or protecting or preserving for dead flesh. let it go. let it go back to the dust from whence it came.

. the spiritual understanding is this: we try to preserve our flesh. God wants it done away with. immediately. as soon as we become one of His own, He wants the flesh buried in water baptism, in the name of Jesus the Messiah.

. as soon as Israel came out of Egypt, they went immediately through the waters, under the outstretched rod in the hand of Moses.

. there is a further revelation here:

. there was a dream, at the time of Pentecost. a little girl dead. in a casket. in a funeral home. someone went in to the funeral home, walked up to the casket. took the little girl by the hand and told her to arise. she did. a conversation ensued with the little girl, not the family.

. this is what I believe: therefore I will speak:

. the 21st century church system is the funeral parlour. busy preserving the flesh. as an occupation. there is money to be made doing that.

. the casket represents individual churches that house dead flesh.

. on erev Pentecost 2016, Shavuot 5776, the Spirit of the Lord within humble sons, not seeking their own way nor recognition, just seeking to obey, went into the 21st century church system, right up to the individual churches, where dead flesh is being preserved and housed. took by the hand a small remnant. spoke to that small remnant: “Arise.” that small remnant got up and came out. Alive. resurrection power. Holy Ghost power.

. when the day Pentecost, 2016, Shavuot 5776, had fully come, it was done. world wide.

. the conversation that ensues will be with this small remnant. not the family.


15 thoughts on “Funeral Parlour.

  1. Transitioning( resurecting) out and away from the dead, sleeping and sleep walking towards the Glorious Church has been accuratly recieved and translated. Inside of the Glorious Church are three other baptisms in addition to water. The first is of the Holy Spirit, second is by the Holy Spirit and third is by fire. Four total.
    These are mysteries awaiting those “sons” who transitioned out of their families and in to”the Glorious church to unpack” as they walk in destiny.
    Eph.5:27,Num.14:21,Rev.3,7-13 ,2 Cor.3:18, Hag.2:9,Hab.3:2-3, Mt 6.33.

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  2. So direct, so true. You were only given this message by inspiration of The Most High. I’m so glad to see Tony liked it. I read inspiration on his site regarding the funeral parlour and the condition of the church as well. To read the comments that were pointing away from the truth was disheartening, but perhaps he will come fully into the truth. This would bring great cheer. He has been sitting in that place between the church and the remnant and it would be awesome if he threw his lot in with Christ and not the so-called Christians.

    The funeral parlour theme was the last call to come out from among them and be ye separate. Babylon has fallen, has fallen… The course is now set. Christ will do His work in His people and unclean spirits like frogs will jump up to lead the leaders of the nations to Armageddon. The closing scenes are fixed.

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  3. Like the tribes of Israel who saw Mt. Sinai ablaze in God’s glory who were afraid and instead of going up as commanded to meet God where they were to be transformed they out of fear chose Moses to become their priest and messenger.

    They were like those remaining in the funeral parlor.( Still in their flesh and very much STILL identified as belonging and clinging still to Egypt,)

    The process of coming out and up to be transformed is as it has always been a process ordained by God.

    For those remaining in the funeral parlor and a part of the dead, sleeping and sleep walking church( READ EGYPT) there are scriptures to aid in identifying these three states of “non glorious church”. They can aid in identifying and diagnosing this condition to discover a way forward up and out towards “being” the glorious church.

    The dead church=1Tim.5;5-6 ,Rom 8;13, Tit.1:16, 2Tim3:1-5, Rev.3:1-6, 1King 22:24-27

    The sleeping church=Mt 24;12, Kings19:4-8, Mt.13:24-30, Joel 3:10,Rom.13:11-12, Rev.3:14-22

    The sleep walking=Mk.4:41-42,Phil.3:18-19,Jer.6;13-14,Mt.23:25-28,Rev.2;1-7

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  4. One of the most subtle yet precious aspects that can be placed in to the minds of those who are called to walk out and away from the dead, sleeping and sleepwalking church is to have the flesh of our minds still anchored to the many aspects of Egypt.

    Digging deep in to the characteristics of the tribe of Levi we see that they had a charge to function and perform ministry to Yah. In addition they were also tasked to not only know their function but to alsothat of the other tribes as well.

    I was shown this during a prayer trip to Disney world in Florida while walking trhough the Animal Kingdom. He showed me that a Levite has almost the same job description as that of a Zoo keeper. Each species( read tribe of Israel has a designated function inthe world. Like that of the animal kingdom each has various functions and needs paralell to their function.

    Zoo keepers as well as Levites therefore should be made aware of the hundreds if not thousands of variables within their oversight of their respective kingdoms. Zoo keepers the animals they have in their oversight and Levites to their tribe as well as the others.

    One particular tribal member will be particurlarly succeptable to the wiles of the enemy which will be utilized against him in order to retain them in captivity to thwart their destiny.

    Of the many more insiduous variables in this season which has thorougly penetrated those who have associated with what would be called the organized Apostolic- Prophetic movement. The dominant element of man’s doctrine circulating with this variable is a spirit known as the Kundilini spirit.

    Itis rooted from an Egyptian mythological practice and has found residence in the East and has made it’s new home throughout the western prophetic movement. Amazingly it was re- introduced of all places in Florida several years back and it swept like fire amidst the millions of unsuspecting followers.

    There are many telling characteristics which will manifest in thoise who have been infected. These range across the spectrum of pride to rebellion all the way to refusal to receive spirit led council.

    We were alerted the night it was unleashed to contact any and all we knew to tell them of this false doctrine and spirit which was to enter the body of believers. It was able to gain this foothold due to the under current of Cathlocism and main line Protestant leaning leaders serving as ‘ apostles and propherts’for a price…… which is one of the main stays of the visible body today.

    In essence this force is silently sweeping this body of believers toward the cliff of the One World Church.

    Of those who heeded our warning were graced with immediate deliverence. Of those who did not we no longer have an association with however still sadly see them throughout the circles of what the western world knows as the Apostolic and Prophetic movement.

    If any readers suspect or are the least bit curious that they may have been either infected or exposed to this doctrine we suggest they visit one of the many deliverence mininstries who are graced in this kind of ministry.BUT BE CAREFUL TO BE LED AND NOT DRIVEN. IF IN DOUBT SEEK OUT THOSE WHO THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL LEAD ACCORDINGLY. GET WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING WITH TWO OR MORE PREFERABLY THOSE WHO NO LONGER TAKE THEIR IDENTITY IN CHRIST THROUGH ORGANIZED RELIGION…… OR HAS BEEN REFERRED TO AS

    ISAIAH43:18-19, HAG 2:3-9, ACTS13:40-41, 2 KINGS 7:1-2, EZK. 20:35-38, HOS. 2:14, ISAIAH 35:1-8

    ROM.8:29-30, JOEL2:1-11, EZK.1:15-28, 1 PET.2:9-10

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    • I don’t know these in the natural, but I do know them, and recognize them in the Spirit. I came out in the early 90’s. I have been here, isolated, shut up with the Lord, not knowing what was going on out there. for 22 years. last year, when I got this computer, and started this blog, I began to look around, a very little bit. I was shocked at what I saw had happened in the prophetic movement. some are ones that I Love. some that ministered to me prophetically, 25 or more years ago. I know now that God took me out, to Himself, not only to teach me, but to keep me.


    • are you free to discuss any more of the characteristics of this spirit? I know what I saw as I was looking around the prophetic movement. I was so disappointed and shocked at what I saw. sexual sin? what about dominionism? I know that I have to go on, and not look back, but I still pray for mercy for these in the beloved prophetic that have succumbed…


  5. Those who have characterisitcs from the tribe that Thomas hailed from or who sense that they may have aspects of barriers operating around them here are a couple of links. First is a teaching, second is a renunciation.

    Any and all we know who frequent organized ” Church”we recommend they seek on this with several others to use for confirmation. If the slightest confirmation should arise we urge them to pray through the renunciation. TRhey will be shocked and surprised of how subtle this one is and how it has gained access to the minds of the western ‘ Christian ” world. Kundalini in downloads

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  6. My exposure came via college courses. In the day( as is still the case) everyone heading in to Psychology( which is an indicaterthat they are seeking tofind out what went wrong) As was my case as well, till about three or four years after the four baptisms, a bout of spiritual warfare which was to show me the only victory was getting behind Yeshua IN ALL THINGS.

    When we went through it we were shocked to expereince much freedom, while ah ha moments seeing how and when we were infected.

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  7. Under the main heading titled ” Church awakening message” the aforementioned pertaining to this particular stronghold( Kundilini) against millions of believers(many who have tasted the goodness of Christ)through the Holy Spirit is a subset of files.

    This subset is titled ” Shaking from the dust”. Under this heading are five distinct headings. They are ” the dust”, ” “entrance of the dust”, “seperation from the dust”. Under these are two others titled ” doctrines of men” and “Pride”

    Shaking from the dust is defined by Gen 3:14, Rev.3:9,Heb.12:26,Ephesians 1:17-19.

    Dust is Gen 2:7 and Gen 3:19.

    Entrance of the dust is Psa.119:19-25,Isa. 47:1,6-8,ezek 28:17

    Seperation from the dust= Prv 3:5-7, Jer. 15:19-21, 2 Cor 6:16-18

    Doctrines of men =Col. 2:8,22, Gal1:6-9, Heb 13:8-9, 2 John 9-11, 2Pet. 2:2-3, Tit. 1:11

    Pride= James4:6,2Peter1:12,1John1:6, Rom.1:21,2Thes 2:10-12, 1Kings22:22-23

    Isaiah 52:2

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