Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Naso.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the Israel of God.

. God’s day always starts at sundown. when it begins to get darker. when night descends. this evening at sundown starts the Holy Convocation of the sabbath of Naso.

. the hebrew word naso means: “lift up!” I’m assuming that is where NASA Space Center got it’s name from.

. the scriptures for this week:

. Torah reading: Numbers 4:21 – 7:89.

. Haftorah reading: Judges 13:2 – 25.

. NT reading: Acts 21: 17 – 26.

. the weekly sabbath is a type of the 7th day kingdom age. rest. among many other things, when the satan will be bound for a thousand years. we are coming into that 1,000 year day now, as ‘things’ in the earth get darker and darker. as night descends.

. if you won’t accept God’s sabbath day, His weekly sabbath, His monthly, seasonal, yearly, and jubilee sabbaths, what will you do with His 1,000 year sabbath? where will you go? what will you do? if you won’t accept these now, these type’s, these foreshadowings, now, when you get to, will you accept these when you have to? when they are fully come? fully fulfilled? just asking.

. the sabbaths, the feasts, are His prophetic rehearsals for the times that are coming.

. the holy convocation is the public meeting. when the congregation gathers.

. this is God’s form. God’s perpetual, eternal pattern. God’s cycle. this is God’s way. there is nothing anyone can do about it, but accept it. to not accept it at this late date would be foolishness. hurry up. this isn’t a ‘jewish’ thing. Judah is only one of the tribes. this is an ‘Israel of God’ thing. all of the dispersed of Israel. James wrote to the 12 tribes scattered abroad among the Gentiles in the dispersion. James 1:1. we are that people. the Israel of God.

. when you get on this scripture cycle, you will see the hand of God in it every week, as He confirms in the scriptures, what He has said during the week.

. it has happened again! no matter how many times, I am always amazed!

. yesterday the Word from the Lord was about those humble ones that ‘bear up’ the throne. those that ‘carry’ the presence of the Lord. those that ‘bring’ Him when He comes in, and ‘take’ Him when He goes out. those that ‘carry’ Him into a life, a family, a city, a nation, an age…Paul was the servant that ‘bore’ Him into the Gentiles, into the church age. will you be part of the ‘servant company’ of king/priests that is ‘bearing Him’ into this new day that has dawned?

. or are you left behind after the cloud has moved?

. Numbers 4:27. at the commandment of Aaron and his sons shall be all the service of the sons of the Gershonites, in all their burden, and in all their service; and ye shall appoint unto them in charge all their burden, and in all their service. v 31. and this is the charge of their burden…

. certain ones were in charge of certain things. everyone of them had their certain job. of setting up the Tabernacle. of taking it down again. of transporting it.

. God called it their burden. their burden bearing.

. burden. Strongs #4853 OT. massa from OT 5375. a burden; specifically tribute, or porterage; fig. an utterance. chiefly a doom, especially singing. burden, carry away, prophecy, they set, song, tribute. 5375. nasa. to lift. to bear. please look at this. it is too much to write here.

. the move is on. the king/priests have dismantled the old campsite. they have meticulously, for the last 2 decades, dismantled every detail of it as the camp prepared to set forward. the census was taken. the mustering was done. every active king/priest took up their transporting duties. each one to his service and his burden, and his mustering things. we are now crossing over! did you not hear the sound of the rustling of the mulberry trees? did you not know that God was moving out of a past day, in order to move in to a new day? did you not know that the reason for coming out was to come in? that it is not enough to just come out? that we have to come in?

. good Sabbath to you all.  ~Sophereth



13 thoughts on “Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Naso.

  1. Last weekend we were travelling so I didn’t read this until now. But I was hearing I needed to stop by and catch up with this post. I’m glad I did. It is cheering in a way. For once I actually need that. I’m sensing another shift. It goes right along with what you’ve written here btw.
    Some have not moved, so the decision is being made for them. This saddens me in a way in that I know I can no longer reach them or help them and am now waiting for instruction on how to proceed, even with my blog. I’m not liking the sense of this downturn, but I know, in the end, it will turn out as it is supposed to. It is now turning to darkness as we move into this next millennial day.

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    • I just got up from reading, to check the computer. I found this comment. in my regular, consistent times with the Lord today, as things slowly are clearing up, I was also aware of something that was making my spirit sick. it was something that wouldn’t move, like other things were moving. I kept asking, what is this Lord? what is this that isn’t moving? slowly I realized that it is this church thing. I haven’t gotten it all in my spirit yet, but it has to do with what you just said. when we came out, it was a complete thing. we never looked back, or touched it again. then when I started this blog, I found myself warning and pleading, as you know. what I believe that I’m seeing, is: it has come to the place where we must not touch it again. like leprosy. I trust that I will hear more tomorrow, but I also know that something has happened…

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      • Just wow! The most exciting thing I’ve read all day. It makes my spirit leap. That is exactly what I’m hearing and feeling deep in my soul. It is making my stomach bitter, but it is sweet in my mouth.
        Every time I run into this, it is like a poison. I must not touch it. It sets my teeth on edge.
        There’s a whole new world forming out there apart from this cage that is holding people back from seeing. I must walk into it.

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      • yes! how many times the last few days alone, have I read Ezekiel and John both saying sweet in their mouth, bitter in their stomach. I have studied every reference to ‘bitter’ and ‘belly’ I wasn’t getting it completely until just now. I have much to say at a later date about all of that with Eze. and John, and the Lord saying the exact same thing to both. it IS poison now. leperous. (SP?)

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      • I’m so thankful we talked. I could feel it growing in my spirit, but I can see the way ahead now. I’m really looking forward to what you have to say about this. (Yes.)

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      • Yes, but it moves right into Rev. 11. I was just shifting ahead, wondering if the agreement wasn’t what is referred to in a general sense as “the two witnesses.”
        The spiritual agreement could happen to anybody/s.

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  2. I have my instruction. from the last many years sitting alone with the Lord, every day, and Him gradually taking me to a different place. He took me from the temporal to the eternal. the perpetual. the 7th day. the kingdom age. I haven’t written it out before in detail, so I don’t have the words exactly, but I will. they are in my spirit. I have stopped in the way, so to speak, to warn and to plead. what we have both heard today has put a stop to that. it is making my spirit very sick. if they were going to come out, they would have. they didn’t. I’m out of here. even as I say that, there is still a small tug in me that wants them to come…it has gotten scary now…


  3. these are the things that ahead of us. these are the things that are going to begin. God will reveal these things as we move completely from the candlesticks (I believe that Smyrna and Philadelphia moved) and Come Up Hither!


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