Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Behaalosecha. Thou commandest us to illumine before thee…

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the illuminators.

To: those that light the lamps.

To: those that illuminate the darkness.

To: those that are given. given. wholly given.

To: the king/priests of this new day. the Sons. the 2 witnesses. the separated, dedicated ones.

To: those that stand before the Lord of the whole earth. that follow Him, accompany Him, whithersoever He goeth.

To: those that are GIVEN by Israel TO God.

To: those that are GIVEN back to Israel BY God.

. tonight begins the Sabbath of Behaalosecha. this Hebrew word means ‘when you set up’.

. Sivan 19, 5776. June 25, 2016.

. these are the amazing scripture readings for this Sabbath:

. Torah reading: Numbers 8:1 – 12:16.

. Haftorah reading: Zechariah 2:14 – 4:7.

. NT reading: 1Corinthians 10:6-13. Revelation 11:1-19.

. the confirmation in these scriptures again this week, after what has been said all week, is staggering.

. there is no way that I could write it all! the post would be too long!

. I am going to hit on a few main points for those of you that have been involved in this discussion this week.

. using: The Pentateuch And Haftorahs. edited by J.H. Hertz. second edition.

. Hertz: “The image employed by Isaiah to describe Israel’s mission is the gentle agency of light, with it’s irresistible illumination of the surrounding darkness.”

. Numbers 8. Speak unto Aaron, and say unto him: When thou lightest the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light in front of the candlestick (Thou commandest us to illumine before thee)…and Aaron did so…and this was the work of the candlestick, beaten work of gold…it was beaten work; according to the pattern which the Lord had shown Moses, saying: Take the Levites from among the children of Israel and cleanse them…present them…present them before the Lord…lay your hands upon them…offer them before the Lord for a wave offering…that they may be to do the service of the Lord. thou shalt set the Levites…offer them for a wave offering unto the Lord…thus shalt thou separate the Levites from among the children of Israel; and the Levites shall be Mine.

. my comment here: in order to ‘light the Lights’, in order to be a ‘Light bringer’, in order to ‘burn for God’, in order to be used of God to ‘illuminate’ the darkness, in order to carry and bear up and bring the Light of God, in order to be the endtime ekklesia, the endtime candlestick, one must first be beaten. beaten into shape. beaten into Gods service. beaten to the exact measurement of God. by God. enough said.

. …after that shall the Levites go in to do the service of the tent of meeting; and thou shalt cleanse them, and offer them for a wave offering. For they are wholly given unto Me from among the children of Israel…I have TAKEN (caps mine) the Levites, instead of all the firstborn…and I have GIVEN (caps mine) the Levites to Aaron and to his sons…to do the service…in the tent of meeting.

. Hertz: v. 16. “for they are wholly given’. lit. ‘for they are given; given: ‘given’ for carrying the Tabernacle and it’s furniture; and ‘given’ for singing the songs of the Sanctuary…”

. Hertz: v. 19. ‘the children of Israel’. “The five fold repetition of these words in this verse indicates the Love felt by God towards the bearers…”

. ‘atonement’. “here used not in the usual sense of making propitiation, but in the sense of ‘covering’ a meaning inherent in the Hebrew root. the Levites were to form a sort of protective cordon for the Sanctuary.”

. ‘no plague’. “the explanation…in effect states: I have appointed the Levites to take over the service of the Sanctuary from the children of Israel, upon whom it had hitherto devolved, and thereby to prevent a plague amongst the latter; because if ‘they’ came near the Sanctuary there would certainly be a plague amongst them, since they had proved themselves unworthy of the priestly office.”

. my comment here: the plague still comes because of the love of money and sexual sin in the ‘music department’; among those who were supposed to be the priests of God. the love of money and sexual sin among those that were supposed to bear up and carry the presence of God. among those that were supposed to stand before the throne and worship Him, in singing the songs of the Sanctuary and playing musical instruments before the throne. among those that have failed. now, when ‘they’ come near to the holy place, to sing the songs of the sanctuary, plague breaks out. look around. plagues everywhere. innocent people still die unneccesarily because there has been no repentance from the love of money and sexual sin within the priesthood of God. all history is spiritual. history repeats itself.

. now. even tonight and tomorrow, on the Sabbath of Behaalosecha (the Hebrew word meaning: ‘when you set up’), as the lights of the menorah are illuminated, will this be the year that the God of Israel,  ‘sets up’ in Israel a new priesthood? for this new day? to ‘carry Him’, to ‘bear Him’ on their shoulders into a new day? throne-bearers? to sing and play the songs of the Sanctuary. a separated, dedicated priesthood, those that have been tried in the fire and have come forth as pure gold? beaten into shape. beaten into the exact measurement of God. a beaten work of gold. to carry the Light? to Illuminate? to lead Israel through the darkness by the fire of that Light?

. good Sabbath to you all.  ~Sophereth



25 thoughts on “Proclaiming the Holy Convocation. Behaalosecha. Thou commandest us to illumine before thee…

  1. Oh wow! I saw so many things in here. I will come back and comment more later. There is just a few things that need to settle before I do.

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  2. thanks and blessings for sharing.

    “Protective cordon” was the task of the porters who carried the presence and were placed in positions( door-gatekeepers etc.) so as to insure the presence of Yah was maintained around and throughout the tabernacle.

    This presence and anointing is, has and will continue to be poured out of the throne.



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    • I am always so glad to hear from you. you strike such a deep chord within me. I am so very grateful to have your input. I am always listening to what ever you have to say to me… thanks and blessings to you also… ~Sophereth

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      • You are most welcome. The essence which strikes the deep cords within you are the grace which Yeshua sees to it that is being poured out upon his sons in his season.Several years back the Holy Spirit would softly whisper to methe word Gershon. After several days I was moved to dig deep in to the four famalies of Levites. Partly as a result of the voice and partly by the knowledgeof my ancestors hailing from a long line of Rabbi’s from back in the day through my grand mother’s maiden name Jordon.
        After the study was concludedmy wife and I sought and were told to fast. This was not clear until he led us to scriptures ……same one he used to explain to Moses when he directed him to place Aaron and sonson a 7 day fast.
        He delivered and sanctified me in this fast.All of the family line had bowedto Pharoah to have recieved a Jereboam priesthood.
        After being sanctified I was led to begin to pray about each and every aspect of how the Levites had transgrssed.
        We utilize 4 R’s cuz there are many blessings which can be released so future generations( 1000) can avoid the wiles of the enemy.
        Can see not just the Levites but also the restof the tribes on this link.This is valuable cuz I believe these are asignificant part of what makesup the veilwhich has blinded the Jews. The root to much of the elements which all contribute to the veil are referenced throughout Ezekiel. I began to pray this from Ezekiel 22 in the passsage of all mixed like siver. I began with the tribes however there is still a root to Abraham’s lineage. To view all of the tribes original tribal characteristics,tasks, intended blessings and how Yah had originally ” Set Them up”before they degenerated and were mixed as dross per Ezek 22…….
        There is still more depth to be uncovered in the roots going backthrough Abraham’s lineage which is alsomentioned in Ezek. Be led.

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      • I have no been well. I took last week off to rest. I slept in again this morning. I just got up to this post. It is so packed full of revelation knowledge in every sentence! it has set off in me


      • Sorry to hear you are not well. We will be happy and honored to pray for you.

        This is good that you’re spirit is quickened.

        May you be led by our King to deeper knowledge of the wisdom
        he has instilled in you,mankind and his eternal inheritance……. the fullness ofthe tribes of Israel.

        As you pray and seek over the list of the tribes you may want to keep notes on the revs you get.

        The reason is to insure that you can aslo accrue al lof the blocked blessings…..(4R’s) not as much for you personally but for you’re personal and spiritual kids you have and will birth.


      • they have all gone from me except my youngest son and his family. but they cannot take their names from me. I have appreciated our conversation this morning.


      • BUT all of the blessings which you have, are and will will release through the leading of the Holy Spirit will chase them across the millineal reign.
        Yeshua will be overseeing this himself.
        This my brother is a larger partof your personal legacy in Yeshua.

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      • you are the first person in over 20 years, besides my youngest son, that has ever spoken prophetically into this situation with my children. were you speaking about my children here in this comment? ‘them’ meaning my children? my mind is so tired today, I just want to be sure. I believe the Lord is trying to bring help to me today…


      • Deu. 7& Num. 20 promises those who love Yah for 1000 generations.THESE AREWILLAND HAVE BEEN CHASING YOU’RE KIDS PROPETICALLY.

        We were ledointentionally go afterallofthe ancestorsopen doors which had been attacking us and would also hit the kids(up to 3-4 and ten generations.

        we learned early on that within each of these spans of time ifan ancestor transgressed than the clockwouldtoll again for 3-4and 10 generations.

        The Holy Spirit can and will revealthe roots when the sin and iniquity entered and on occassion the blocked blessings.If you are so led to seek toincrease and enhance the legacy you have accrued for your seed…… both physicaland spiritual.

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      • Rest in the Father and receive from him this and even more rev knowledge. when led weaehappy to share, teachpray and share more for you toremoveany and all of the barriers which may have been placed between you and your physical seed.

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      • my reply was ‘accidently’ posted before I was finished. !?!? your post has set off within me many things in many directions. my grandmother was a Mayo from Ireland. there is that prophetic line that runs through my children and my grands and my great grands. even tho in most it is not acknowledged. what a wonderful post to wake up to this Sabbath morning. I will go to the link. thank you. also, you spoke a sentence to me propheticly months ago and I am trying to find it and write it down and keep it on my desk here with me. it is direction for me. Blessings to you and your family. ~Sissie


      • I believeI had said to you originally that you had been graced to over see Kingdom infrastructure.
        This is a Priestly role.Same one which Ezek.received.
        If you do the math to Ezek, Daniel and Isa.time frames there are threads emanating in each. This is the woop and the warf of the weaving that takes place across their ministries…… all in the midst of a freshly sealed bible per dan 12.Ezek.was given not just the blue print to ” the house” but that the house had been dispersed throughout the nations. Nations in which would at the appointed time be builtup via a”sealed bible”so Yah could fulfill the promise to Abraham and later tear down to forge his eternal nation in the earth.Simultaneously he would be building up in the earth the first partof the equation……”the house”. First part of the house are the priests graced with light to attract the nations that will be transformed.All of this are aspects of the foundations to support infrastructure necessary for the house to be graced in order for it to show itself to the house which will be graced in light and crowned in glory.
        Each of the blocks which makeup the wall around New Jerusalem will contain correlations to original letters( culminating with Rev 10— we are not as yet to Rev 11 or 12). These letters consisit of the ones which were sealed by Daniel. They are roots of what is called today modern Hebrew. As this wall is assembled using this original sealed alphabet a message to the tribes will become evident. It will inform them
        in who they are and what they and ancestors have done.( all while the nations foment rage)It will remove the veil which has blinded them.
        Infrastructure can only be released as Yah oversees as the masterbuilder.
        All through the Holy Spirit.
        It is this wisdom released through the Holy Spirit that empowers those chosen to build in this season.( review Proverbs to see where and how Yah’s wisdom is dispersed in and around cities.)
        To this is what you have been given charge over…… grace to steward infrastructure to build His Kingdom … on earth as it is being built in the heavens.
        Blessings to you sophereth 8.May you continue to build!

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  3. I went back and read Rev. 11. I think we are here, and that the two witnesses may be as we discussed. It appears as if we may be as far down as verse 12. I’ve been following this sequence for years, beginning in chapter 8 around 2008 and following it through, trumpet by trumpet. This is the farthest I’ve ever seen it. I’m wondering if the San Andreas or the Cascadia may not be the quake coming in verse 13, the second woe.
    There is so much more I’ve picked up in your post and I’m sure there will be more to come in this reading. I think I’m going to call it a day though.
    Happy Sabbath!

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  4. I had to come back and revisit this post one last time. There is so much to it and so timely. The priests, the beaten ones, the light bearers, those that guard the sanctuary so that plague does not break out within the sanctuary… This is all a living oracle. This is happening in us. I am seeing this arrangement before my very eyes. This is a portal into the next world. I’m seeing this portal beginning to open up and a gap evolving between the old physical world and the new spiritual Kingdom. I don’t know if I could explain it, but I intrinsically see it and understand it.
    This is so prophetic. I feel this in my spirit. This past Sabbath, which means “when you set up” is happening in my Spirit. The Heavens and we are “setting up” what is to be in the new round of reality.

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