Havdalah. Distinction. rehearsing. assuaging…

From: Sophereth at Kirjth Sepher.

To: all those who will keep His form…His pattern…His Sabbath…now…and then…

. when I first found the Sabbath (or when the Sabbath first found me), I Loved it so, I think I was in shock, I was spinning!…some sort of post Pentecostal/Latter Rain melt down!…there are no words…Yeshua Messiah. permission to rest. knowing when to work. knowing when to rest. peace, beauty. God and man at table are sat down… my mothers beautiful white linens on my table, remembering her ironing them, and now me ironing them…the preparation, the womans work of it all was so fulfilling for me…the scriptures, such order and holiness, anointing. rehearsing the coming kingdom…rehearsing the time when I would sit at table with my Saviour…I weep as I write it, rehearsing the time when I would sit at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…realizing that this was home, realizing that I had been on this cycle all of my life, and I didn’t know it… Becki coming and saying to me: “Mom, why do you know the coming scriptures every week? because you are Israel! that’s why!” even though there was much warfare at first, because of the change, these are some of the words…some of the memories of when the Sabbath found me…

. back then I would actually suffer depression when it would end…maybe I still do… it is so precious to me. I don’t do the main work of it anymore. my daughter-in-law does…I go for 1st and 2nd meal to their house…maybe someday I will again on this earth…I know I will in the kingdom…

. Havdallah. the distinction. on Friday night we make the distinction between the six working days and the holiness of the weekly Sabbath day. tonight, we make the distinction between the holiness of the Sabbath day and the six working days coming in. we bless the Lord. Isaiah 12:2-3. Behold! God is my salvation! I shall not fear-for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; He is also become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall we draw water out of the wells of salvation…Psalms 3:8. Salvation belongeth unto the Lord! thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah. Psalms 46:12. The Lord of Hosts is with us! the God of Jacob is our refuge!…on and on through the scriptures we go…as the Sabbath slowly ebbs…we know that the Light of the Lord is with us, as we go into the coming work week…we assuage ourselves for the loss of the departing weekly Sabbath, knowing that it will be back around again…

. very soon we will have no need of assuaging ourselves anymore…the 1,000 year Sabbath Day will have dawned completely! we will not be rehearsing it anymore! this will be the fulfillment of all of our rehearsing! God and man at table are sat down! at table with all of the saints! at table with the patriarchs! Abraham! Isaac! Jacob! with departed Loved ones, that have gone on before! Feasting! with our beloved Saviour! Yeshua Messiah! worshiping Him! singing the same scriptures! at table! with Him singing with us! through the 1,000 year Sabbath Day! peace. rest. Sabbath.

. good Sabbath to you all. now. and then.  ~Sophereth


2 thoughts on “Havdalah. Distinction. rehearsing. assuaging…

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one. It is very accurate. I personally cannot wait for that thousand year Sabbath and the company of our spiritual ancestors. Hallelujah! The rehearsal is nearly over.

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