Part 2. Maturation is upon…Wait A Minute!!! Who do I see??? Is it Sons??? Mature Sons???

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher. am I yelling???

To: those that will see…

. Wait a minute! another maturation has been going on! it has been hidden! like leaven in the meal! like treasure in a field! like mustard seed sown! like goodly pearls! like scribes bringing forth out of their treasure things new and old!

. maturation. Look! the lump is leavened! the the treasure is found! the field has been bought! the tree has grown tall! the pearls have been sought!…the scribes are bringing…!

. maturation. Look! it’s the Kingdom! the Kingdom that has suffered violence! the Kingdom that has been taken by force! been taken by Sons! by violent Sons that would not settle for less! mature Sons. Sons of God. Sons of Oil. Sons of Zadok. revealed, manifested. king/priests. ruling priests. the dual witnesses of king/priest! Prophetic Sons with fire coming out of their mouth! bringing His Kingdom, His will to the earth from heaven! on earth just like it is in heaven!

. Look! they have taken their place. their place is with Him. they accompany Him wherever He goeth. His very Name is indelibly imprinted in and on them. the Name of their God. the Name of His City. they sit with Him in and around His throne. elders. worship leaders. throne bearers. they are the protective cordon around the throne, so plague doesn’t break out on Israel. king/priests. not after Aaron, and that golden calf thing. but after the order of Melchizedek! King/Priests! just like Yeshua! just like David! Melchizedek! King of Zadok! King of the Son’s of Zadok! King of Righteousness! they look just like Yeshua! He in them as they minister at the altar in the earth. them in Him as HE ministers at the altar in the heavenlies. He in them. they in Him. one.

. wait a minute! they look like pure Gold! not earthly gold! but pure Gold, Eternal Gold, that has come through the fire! transparent! without mixture and dross!

. wait a minute! wasn’t the ‘head’ of that other ‘system’, that even right now grows strangely dim, gold? earthly gold? isn’t that what that ‘system’ wanted? worshiped? sought for? earthly, now worthless, gold? will they not soon throw their earthly worthless gold out in the streets?

. not these! these have looked for a city of Gold, Eternal. clear as glass! streets of Gold like transparent glass!

. these are the Sons. the primogenitors. the firstborn. the ‘leaders’ the ‘head’ of the Fathers house! the Kingdom.

. they cannot be killed until He says so. they have been caught up to the throne. they do their work from THAT place now. they have taken their place THERE now.

. Yeshua: “when you pray, pray like this, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, just as it is in heaven”.

. I believe. therefore I have spoken. Amen.


27 thoughts on “Part 2. Maturation is upon…Wait A Minute!!! Who do I see??? Is it Sons??? Mature Sons???

  1. Wow! So many thoughts going through my head. I was momentarily speechless and my consciousness drifted off to a hundred different places… connecting, connecting, putting it all together. That places us mid Revelation 11 and moving into the heavenlies.
    I do believe the next thing we can expect is a great earthquake. The nations begin to fall. Is Brexit the 10th part falling… or is it the US when the Cascadia goes off? A short lived One World Order to be sure.
    It all opens up now. It all comes crashing down, until it is declared that the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Anointed.

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    • I have wondered about Brexit…also I think about the prophesying ‘again’. it means oscillation…I need to study that again…yet once more, He will shake the heavens and the earth…God will keep us, one way or another until morning…

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      • I guess France, Italy, and the Netherlands are considering their own Frexit, Itexit, and Nexit.
        When I think of the Ten Toes of the Image in Daniel 2, I think of the New World Order which has drawn up the whole world into 10 regions. If the EU crumbles, that would definitely be 1/10th of the current outline, and it is so near to completion. Of course, if the US fails, and it is teetering, that could be 1 as well, as it would take out the North American Union.
        If the Cascadia (fault line) goes, it could potentially set off Yellowstone and the New Madrid. That scenario would make the US a third world nation overnight and effectively collapse the North American Union.
        I am expecting the US to rip in half up the New Madrid as they force Israel into a two-state solution. This is prophesied. Russia has an equally potential outcome.
        It is getting interesting.
        I’m not too worried about any of these outcomes personally, for I know that Yeshua has placed us long in advance and I can hear.
        I’ve been hearing that the prophesying again refers to the wrapping up of this particular epoch, and prophesying into the one to come.

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      • yes, I read it this morning. the Lord has never said anything to me about portals. that doesn’t seem to be my part. I have read a little. I know that many think right above the natural city of Jerusalem, there is a portal, where the heavenly Jerusalem will come down. they believe it to be where Jacob’s ladder was. I, as you know, believe the intercessor to be a portal. I was seeing something, but I don’t know what yet…thanks

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      • A portal, sometimes call a vortex, is sort of an amorphous term. To some it means something to the effect of a space tunnel, to others it is a spiritual gap between one dimension and another, to yet others, simply places where the presence of the spiritual is stronger.
        I think of it, and use the term more as a movement spiritually between different sectors within the fabric of reality.
        An open portal would mean two people standing near to each other would experience a different perception of reality or even split apart into two different realities.
        This is what CERN is trying to accomplish as they fear the earth is rather done with. But there seems to be a godly side to that equation, as there always is, and that is moving from the earthly to the heavenly via a change of spirit and character within.

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  2. Ezek 37;16
    15The word of Yahvah came to me again saying, 16Son of man, take a stick and write on it, To Judah, and his companions, the sons of Israel; then take another stick and write on it, To Joseph, Ephraim, and his companions, all the house of Israel; 17and join them together into 1 stick; and they will become 1 stick in your hand. 18And if your people should say to you, Will you not show us what is the meaning of these sticks? 19Say to them, Master Yahvah says, Look, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them together with the stick of Judah, and make them 1 stick, and they will be 1 in my hand. 20And the sticks on which you write, hold them in your hand before their eyes; 21and say to them, Master Yahvah says, Look, I will take the sons of Israel from among the nations where they have gone, and will gather them together and bring them into their own land; 22and I will make them 1 nation in the land on the mountains of Israel; and 1 king will be king over them all; and they will not be 2 nations, nor will they be divided into 2 kingdoms any longer.

    Background……. both are EU free or separated from their brothers.
    Judah first and Joseph second


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  3. Link to see a glimpse of what really are the dry bones referred to in Ezek.
    They are letters which are to be used in the Little scroll in Rev 10.
    Once received it hydrates the dry bones scattered throughout the world.( aka removing the veil from the children of Israel).

    These wet bones than follow the mandate in Rev 10:10 to go again to the nations.

    This becomes the ” the earthly part of man’s final destiny to show the house to the house”. The house of God is simultaneous being prepared in heaven which is timed to arrive at this same moment.

    Put this component along side of Brexit and the former USSR…… it should become apparent that Yah is indeed doing a new thing.

    In the earth and in the heavens.

    Glory to Yeshua

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    • I am, spiritually, in the throes of birthing intercession. I have lived my life as an intercessor, even as a small child, not understanding with my mind. I never understand with my mind until it is over, and then only in part. but I have never ‘seen’ anything like this. what you have written is a part. I realize the last few days, that it is (I’m trying to put this in words) in the ‘writing’ of it, that it is coming forth and being seen, if only by 2 or 3. it is the scribe bringing forth things new and old…


      • Awesome grace….. wife has same grace so I know and understand.
        May he birth in you his full purpose for you, your family and what he is doing on earth and in the heavens!

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      • We are honored to have been placed along side of you.You know he has always been and will forever be by you’re side…… and has his hand mightily on you’re estranged family.
        In time we should share with you and son regarding the snake with the wounded head. We had the same one months before at the onset of a relationship which led us to do some initial prayer for and ministry however the door was soon after closed.

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      • Yes, I know His presence with me right now, as I write…the apostolic anointing on the scribe has come…those of us that are writing prophetically are going in first. carrying ‘the word’ in first…


  4. the letters from these prophets ARE the dry bones, or they HYDRATE the dry bones? letters from prophetic scribes! the apostolic anointing on the prophetic scribe. then and now.


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