Intercession Is Not Prayer.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors

. Intercession is not prayer.

. Yeshua was NOT praying a habitual, rote, vainly repetitious, charismatic, self oriented, christian prayer as He hung there on the cross. i.e. Now Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus that you deliver me and bless me and prosper me. I thank you Father that I am healthy, that I am wealthy and I am wise. I thank you Father that my ministry prospers. I thank you that I pretty much get everything that I say…I need…I want…I think…my understanding about this is…I know that you will want to…bless my endeavors Lord…you know that I am doing all of these things, all of this busy work, for you Lord, in your name Lord…that’s why I don’t have much time left over for….Lord? are you there Lord?…


. what does that mean? for us? to lay down your life?

. this is what that means: “nevertheless, not my will, but thy will…”

. after you have laid down your life, the prayer will sound different.

. enough said.


7 thoughts on “Intercession Is Not Prayer.

  1. Really like! Intercession is standing in the gap, representing. I was just counselling that when one goes into a healing, one must listen to the voice of Yeshua on the matter and then execute as if a limb, the body of Christ. It is not us that works, but Christ that works within us. As an intercessor we are merely the channel, in Christ’s way and in Christ’s Word, and in Christ’s intended outcome, and that is an expected outcome because it emirates from the source.

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  2. Back in 1992, the Lord told me to stop praying in English. He told me to obey Him. When we obey Him, we are dying to self. When we are dead to self, then Christ is able to intercede through us. My life is intercession.

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