#4. from the dragon to the throne.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will go from the dragon to the throne.

. I believe the man child in Revelation 12 to be a many membered Son. I believe they are the priesthood from each tribe. the 12 out of the 12. first was the whole nation. they failed at the golden calf thing. then one whole tribe. Levi.  now, in this day, I believe that He will take a ruling priesthood out of each of the 12. 12 speaking of governmental perfection. ruling priests out of a priestly nation. He says that He will take priests out of them. those that are virgins. not spotted by the world. those that follow Him whithersoever He goeth. sealed ones.

. I believe the woman to be the Israel of God. all Israel. redeemed Judah. redeemed Ephraim. both houses. both sticks. coming together in the hand and at the prophetic speaking of Ezekiel.

. before the Sons even appear, the dragon stations himself to devour them. but he cannot. why? because as the man child appears, who is to rule all nations, the man child is caught up to the throne! this is a throne company! they take up residence in and before the throne! they stand before Him, to worship Him. they sit with Him, to worship Him. in and at the throne. they worship Him night and day. they fall down before Him saying….Worthy, Worthy, Worthy, Lord God Almighty…

. read the book. you will see that this worship, because He is Worthy to be Worshiped, releases judgement on the earth. then comes another explosion of this worship for that righteous judgement.

. the book of Revelation. this is the pattern: worship. judgement. worship for that righteous judgement.


3 thoughts on “#4. from the dragon to the throne.

  1. There is a pattern in Revelation that I noticed early on. There is a spiritual overlap of Christ upon the Sons and Daughters of God. Christ is seen first in His people, and then face to face. The spiritual king/priests that raise the throne and the One who sits upon it are spiritually one. What one does the other does. They go straight forward as the wheels. They do not turn to the right or the left, because the Spirit of Him who sits on the throne is within them.

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