From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: Elisha.

To: the intercessors.

. in the very early nineties, a child was born in our prophetic, weeping, worshiping, warring, congregation. as soon as he was born, they took him to the pediatric ICU.

. a day or so later, I went back to the hospital to see him, on my way to prayer.

. I held him, and I noticed that he was particularly aware of his fathers voice. his mom and dad and I made mention of it.

. I found out later, that one doctor had used the words, ‘possible brain damage.’

. I went on to the prayer meeting.

. after preliminaries, I turned around to put the microphone down, to kneel down at the altar. in a split second, intercession came so strong, I dropped the microphone, and fell down at the altar.

. for over two hours there was a crying out and weeping so strong it was beyond my ability to stop it. the only words that were spoken over and over were: “You promised God. You promised.” I had to yield to it. I had to stay the course until it was over. I had no choice. I had no idea in my mind what it was. no one else knew what it was. they just stood or sat there around the altar with me, praying with me and for me, to help me as much as they could.

. when it was over we all went home.

. the child went home the next morning. well and strong.

. his name is Elisha.

. it took me years to realize what had happened that night.

. this same intercession is happening again. in the Spirit.

. in a many membered, prophetic, weeping, worshiping, warring, congregation across the earth.

. those that have and will stay the course. those that have and will lay their lives down. those that have and will see this thing through.

. there is a strong intercession that has come. a laying down of the life of the intercessor. a crying out and a weeping. no choice. no ability to stop it or do anything else. the only words being: “You promised God. You promised.” it must be yielded to. the intercessor must stay the course. help is needed.

. I don’t believe that the intercession that has come will be complete until, possibly the fall feasts, 2018. 1948-2018. 7o years.

. a company of first born Sons being brought forth. matured.

. particularly aware of their Fathers voice.

. words are being spoken by the ‘doctors’ that are trying to hinder.

. opinions are being offered by the ‘doctors’ that are trying to assess it wrongly.

. to no avail.

. the mantle will fall from Elijah.

. the prophets will witness it.

. Elisha.






4 thoughts on “Elisha.

  1. I can so relate!!! We must all continue to stand in the gap and travail until we (the whole Body of Christ) can sing in unison, “we have been crucified with Christ”….

    Gal 2:20
    I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

    Glory to God!!!

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    • Judy, I am sending out a Haloo this morning. I have been warned, by someone who knows, that I have been, and am being cursed by a group. one of which has been in UNSPEAKABLE levels of the blackest of the occult. I have read it with my own eyes. she claims to be a believer now, but … what is happening here in my body, and at my house…I can’t go on without some help. I don’t say this casually. I feel so alone… please pray. I am considering just a few more posts, to finish getting the basic message out, and then going offline for good. if you will pray, and if the Lord says anything to you, please let me know. Sissie


  2. Reblogged this on advanced research technology and commented:
    Many of the healers and intercessors at this time will experience resistance. This is not the time or place to give in or retreat, but rather press through until one feels release.
    The Spirit of this action is captured in this post by my good friend Sophereth. She has a very tight connection with Elohim and is always right on top of the Spirit’s leading. This is so “now” that I couldn’t help but reblog. Enjoy!

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