noised abroad in the Spirit: deliverance!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors

. I will try to write what I see this morning, and possibly several short posts through the day.

. the reason that Pharoah killed every son that was birthed, was because he knew that a deliverer was going to be born.

. the reason that cursing and murderous blows are being sent and will be sent every day, day in and day out, from every direction, to the intercessors right now, is because it is noised abroad in the Spirit realm that deliverance will soon be birthed.

. the fullness of time is here.

. maturation is here. on both sides.

. the fruit of good and the fruit of evil, that has grown together until the harvest, will be seen now.

. tribulation is being manifested.

. lawlessness, the spirit of iniquity, the antichrist spirit, that is already at work in the earth is being manifested,

. to stop the birthing, the manifesting, the revealing, of the Kingdom of God. the Sons of the Kingdom that will bring deliverance to the whole earth.


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