Part 3. noised abroad in the Spirit. Deliverance!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: Leah.

. continued from Part 2.

Dear Leah,

. there is a cry coming up out of me this morning to you. for you.

. weary, tired, faint, grieved, alone, intercessors.

. always separated in the red tent. separated because of preparing for giving birth. separated because of giving birth. separated because of having given birth.

. you who have known nothing else for a lifetime.

. you who have given your youth, your strength, your life for this.

. because of your Love for Him.

. one birth after another. seemingly endless. not much rest, if any, in between. now again…

. seemingly others favoured over you.

. go ahead and cry out. even when you don’t understand.

. go ahead and cry out. even when no one on earth is listening or cares:

. i.e. “I think you should…I wish you would…why don’t you…you don’t have to…when will you..

. don’t give up! the end is in sight!

. if you can’t stand anymore, then sit.

. if you can’t sit anymore, then lay down.

. if you collapse during the night, that’s OK. He will come and strengthen you.

. take heart, dear Leah. your dowry to present to Him is almost complete.

. take heart, dear Leah, the number of mature Sons is almost full.

. your deliverance is almost here.

. your work will be rewarded. He will say: “Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter thou in to the Joy of the Lord.”

. then, at this last birth, you will break forth in tremendous maturity in God. you will know that God has done it. your struggle, your striving, will have been transcended. you will say, “God has endued me with a good ‘zebed’. and you will call this one

. Zebulon. ‘now will my Husband DWELL with me.’


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