Revelation 3.

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that will go through the open door…

. as we look into chapter 3 of the book of Revelation, we see letters written to the angels (Strongs NT #32. angello. to bring tidings. a messenger; especially an “angel”; by implication a pastor: angel, messenger.) of the last 3 churches.

. Sardis. the Thompson Chain Reference Bible calls this church “The Dying Church”. their instruction was: strengthen that which remains, that is ready to die. repent. if you don’t watch, I will come as a thief in the night…you won’t know what hour I will come…a few names have not defiled their garments, they will walk with Me. then He again speaks of the overcomers.

. Philadelphia. I have written much on this blog about Philadelphia. I would like to write much more today, but I have to go on.

. Laodicea. I wrote a little about this church yesterday.

. I have also written much about worship on this blog, which is the actual purpose of this blog.

. now. we look again at what our Saviour says about Himself. I am going to write it from my prospective as a worshiper. I will show you a small example of the way the Lord has led me to worship Him with His own words in this book.

. remember these 6 things as we proceed:

. #1. the ONLY reason we worship Him, is because He is worthy to be worshiped. as we go farther into the book, and we see worship bringing judgement, we have to remember that we DO NOT worship Him for any other reason than the fact that He is worthy. worship for any other reason is NOT true worship. we worship. He does the rest as He sees fit.

. #2. if you have a KJV, you will notice a cadence in the words that He speaks about Himself, and the words that are spoken by others about Him. that is because they are songs. worship songs. I don’t know about other translations.

. #3. these songs are sung, spoken out loud. notice how many times the word ‘saying’ is used.

. #4. as you speak, sing, His words back to Him, on a regular basis, they (His words), will begin to dwell in you richly with all wisdom. they will begin to drown out other voices that are constantly speaking to you, in you. worldly thoughts and worldly songs that go over and over in your mind 24/7, will begin to fade. tormenting memories and destructive thoughts will be replaced by HIS words. HIS thoughts. after a while, you will notice, at quiet times, that His words are what is being played over and over in your mind. bringing LIFE! not death.

. #5. your spirit, by His Spirit and His word, will begin to rule and reign in your heart and mind, in your emotions and desires. your spirit, by His Spirit and His word, will begin to rule your soul. your soul is the place where the battle rages. your mind, your will, your emotions, your desires. addiction lies in a wounded, breached soul. your spirit, by His Spirit and His word, must rule the soul!

. #6. ask Him. He will give you the tune.

. to give a small example here, you could begin chapter 3 something like this: “I worship You that holds the 7 spirits of God, and the 7 stars. I worship you that is holy, I worship you that is true. I worship You that hath the key of David. You open and no man shuts. You shut and no man opens.” (do you hear the cadence?)

.  with His own words that He has given us,

. we worship.


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