Form? Is there anything wrong with a Form?

kirjath sepher

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: God’s people

. There is nothing wrong with a form IF it is the right form. When God saw that the earth was without form, and void, He immediately set about forming it, and everything in it. Then, He looked at the form and saw that it was good.

. this is the way God does things: at the very moment that life is conceived, God immediately begins to create a form around it to hold that life.

. The Holy Ghost even dwells within the form of our bodies here on earth.

. when the life leaves the form, naturally or spiritually, it becomes a dead form. a dead form has to be buried, or it will bring decay and corruption. you cannot continue on with a dead form. continuing on with it, naturally or spiritually, will bring death.

. when the early…

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